6 month old Baron Munchausen and his case of Mange.

Baron the Doberman with Sir Winston aka spanky sanderson
Baron the Doberman with Sir Winston aka Spanky Sanderson

My 6 month old Doberman pup has Mange.  It has been the most difficult health issue I have ever attempted to treat in any dog I have had by far. I created this page for a 1 stop shop for info on treating your dog with mange and sharing your successes and failures so we all can be more sucessful treating our pups and we don’t have to go to 800 different sites to get a fraction of the info we need to best treat our pups.  I will be updating frequently but please do participate so keep my wheels spinning with this page!


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  1. hi cecerem:
    my red doberman has been diagnosed with demadectic puppy mange by the vet. i got him when he was almost 4 months and is not 10 months. i have been dealing with this since i got him and is driving me crazy.
    he has been on cephalexyn for that amount of time and i worry that he is going to get ill from it. he recently was on a 4 week ivermectin injections and i have also got him a dermachlor 2% also an omega 3 supplement for his food.
    but he stills get bumps on his sking, they look like the size of pimples and it raises the hair. they dont burst, just bumps. if he misses just one pill of cephalexyn he breaks out once i give him 2 dosages he goes back to normal.
    someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! i have spend soo much and no results

    • What type of food (Brand and formula) are you feeding your pup? It could very well be a skin allergy. I would suggest that you switch his food to something like the Dick Van Patten L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diet formula, I give my dog the Salmon and Potato formula. Ivermectin should clear that issue up quickly, more than likely those mites are gone after 4 weeks of ivmectin injections. Dont give your dog any other types of meats or rawhides etc just the potato and salmon formula and hopefully after about 1 month of the strict diet the skin should improve. WHen my vet stated my dog had demodex I was convinced for a long time that he still had the mites, in the end the only thing that cleared up his skin was the limited ingredient food. Stay away from Hills/Science Diet foods, they are no good IMO.

  2. Welll, seema to be that I am also facing the same pro, this time around with another “population”, as I am used to treat human because of my profession (MD).
    I am using Benzoyl Peroxyde 10% gel used in human and it is working.
    Will keep you updated, so “our wheels” keep on spinning……thanks for your page

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    Dog lover,I write articles about them.

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