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  1. You’ve got some mis-information that’s been given to you about demodex.

    If you want to email me at callie@critturs.com or callieatcritturs@yahoo.com I’d be glad to help. It’s not something your breeder wants to tell you — but a demodex dog is at risk for demodex it’s entire life — unless you can get the immune system up to the task. But the fault isn’t with the mites — not really. Even you and I have demodex mites on OUR SKIN all the time — it’s just a perfectly ordinary mite that is common to all mammals with hair!

    Baby puppies are bombarded with demodex mites because typically the MOTHER is blown out with demodex because of her pregnancy (and she should never ever have been bred). But any stressor — from weather to teething to the onset of sexual maturation and beyond — can cause an outbreak of demodex.

    I can give you lots more information — feel free to email me. I’ve been working with demodex dogs for about 12 years now.


  2. Please do not use the borax and hydrogen peroxide treatment. It almost killed my dog.

    • No-do not rinse. Bathe again in a week and do the same. After it has dried you can apply some oil to moisturize. I use olive oil with neem oil mixed in. Neem helps to soothe and heal the skin.

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