Benzoyl Peroxide for treatment of Mange

I was reading around and heard that many people have successfully treated Mange with Benzoyl Peroxide.

Baron's Mangey Chin

Some people spoke of mixing an 8 oz 10% Benzoyl Peroxide with a dog shampoo and used it twice a week and other just applied the cream directly to affected areas to eliminate the mange.  The strongest % concentration that is effective is 2.5-5%, after that the product approaches the diminished level of effectiveness.  I was forced to use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream because I couldn’t find a smaller dosage.  The Benzoyl peroxide purportedly penetrates the skin and releases oxygen that retards bacteria and kills the mites, while cleaning out the pores.  I have become more experimental treating my Doberman due to the lack of effectiveness of Sulfur based products (see the dedicated page!), Ivermectin, Advocate/Advantage Multi all were mildly effective.  I recently have been using Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide 1% solution and it has been the most effective by far, but it has not eliminated the Mange and I believe there is a more effective topical cream out there.  I have been testing Benzoyl Peroxide by sparingly using the cream on certain areas for side effect checks.   His chin was quite swollen and slightly pus-sing and after two days of applications the affected area has become much less inflamed.  I will keep you updated but I believe I will have to recommend the use of this product at a concentration level of 2.5% to avoid any adverse reactions that I am unaware of.  It is improving his condition visually!


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  1. Benzoyl peroxide is known as THE mange shampoo for Demodectic mange. It’s the only thing known to be able to flush out a pore or follicle. However it is not enough to resolve a nasty case of mites on its own. Mild cases have been resolved by using it but more often, by the time mange symptoms are obvious, the mite overpopulation is too great for a shampoo to eradicate.

    Mites are deep under the skin and very good at protecting themselves. This makes for a really unhealthy skin environment with a higher risk of secondary infection and yeast problems. Demodex mites hide behind thick oily sebum and their own waste. They are easier to treat if their hideouts are exposed and additional skin problems can be minimized when the gunk is continually flushed out. It makes home treatments like borax/peroxide and topical treatments like ours more effective. We recommend it as a part of a “whole-dog” approach to beating mange.

    Some people report initial success with benzoyl peroxide creams but they can be drying. It can start the process of eliminating the overpopulation but because Demodex mites are so deep, its not terribly effective for a full cure. However, it is good for drying up infected areas and reducing swelling & irritation. Use sparingly and if drying occurs, remove the skin flakes promptly because they are food for the mites.

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