What causes Mange?

Demodectic Mange is passed from all mothers to their puppies during the first 2-3 days of nursing.  If a puppy is reared by a human they fail to have these mites.

Demodex (Red) Mange

Demodex (Red) Mange

Apparently after about 2 days if the pup hasn’t contracted Demodex Mites, their immune system is strong enough from preventing further infestation of the mites, as long as the immune system stays strong.  Almost all dogs have the mites on their body, if the dogs immune system is healthy the animal keeps the population of these mites in check.  When an immune system is comprimied for any reason (stress, poor diet, lack of exercise) the mites have the opportunity to proliferate.  Many experts claim that Mange Mites live off the dog in an area they frequent, clean any areas the dog frequents well to prevent infestation.  A quality Multi Vitami or food additive (MIssing Link) is suggested to help boost the immune system as well as frequent baths, exercise twice a day, clean water and enough sleep in a clean environment.  Allergies should be suspected as well, many dogs are allergic to many grains such as corn and they can lower immune strength.  When treating mange try a different brand of dog food or look for one with a single source of protein and carbohydrates to decrease the risk of any pet food allergies.  Mange can be acquired by adult dogs who’s immune system isn’t up to par but it is usually a disease found in puppy’s.


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  1. I Welcome any advice you may have to offer I have been battling this dreadful condition for months, my Doberman is now Just turned one Year Old and I was only recently told that she has the mites in her paws also, so when she scratches with her paws she is spreading it around to areas like her face, back of neck etc.
    When she first went down with this she looked dreadful, it was all over her, and I really thought I was going to lose her.
    However the anti-biotics are effective at reducing the secondary infection that make the condition look so awful.
    I wish I had a magic wand as I really want to get her right, she has put up with this for a long time now, and I am not so sure I am doing all I can, The shampoos such as Paxcutol, Malaseb, help a lot. However The Aludex is something that I DO NOT like using, I dread to think of the long term damage this horrible chemical is having on her, At this moment in time I need as much advice on alternate treatments as possible.
    Diet is something I often think about, but I think some sought of ointment that I could apply to her paws to see off the mites would help a lot. I feel I am on top of it however the condition in her paws has gone for months before being diagnosed properly even though the vets were seeing her fortnightly last year. Quite a poor show by the experts here then.
    I am located in south Birmingham here in the UK.
    Thanks, Andy.

    • Try the Borax treatment if you suspect mites, in addition sprinkle a tiny pinch of the Borax into her water daily. But do change the diet to something simple such as a Salmon and Potato blend. The food should have only 1 carb and 1 source of protein to make it easier to identify what does and doesnt set your dogs allergies off. Feed a diet like this for about a month or so and im sure you will see results if mites arent the case. If mites are the problem the borax should clean that up quickly much safer to your dog than ivermectin or any other chemical sold for this treatment.

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