Sulfur products to treat all types of Mange

 My Doby Baron with some Shitty Mange

My Doby Baron with some Shitty Mange

When looking for a cure for my Doby with Demodex Mange, I came across two products that appeared too good to be true.  The first one from a site called .  They sold a package that appeared to be top notch.  A spray applied to the skin to use on day 1 that is comprised of essential oils, they say that these oils have been used for decades to treat Sarcoptic and Demodex (Red) Mange.

Another product from the package was a sulfur based cream that also has pine oil, Mineral oil and many other ingredients.  You apply this cream to all effected areas or the whole body on the next day up to 3 times that day and continue the cycle until you run out of the product.Mitactin Spray  The package also contained a spray comparable to Lysol but more liquid based, that you apply to areas frequented by the dog.  The idea is that these mites populate the dogs skin as well as the areas he/she frequently lays, the spray eliminates all mites in these areas.  The final product is a shampoo that apparently keeps the natural defenses of the skin intact unlike normal dog shampoos.  The pet-wash also claims to remove dry dead skin and prevent infection.  I loved this shampoo, it cleaned my dog exceptionally well and make him smell clean, yet not disguised with perfume.  The only quirp I had was that the shampoo built up a very weak lather so a large amount was needed to treat the whole body.  The package is around $70, they have variations on this package that range from $40-$300.  If the product eliminated the Mange it would be worth the price.  I have gone through 2 batches of this product and it has not eliminated the mange as guaranteed. Sulfinex Cream


The first time I used the product it appeared to be a powerful spray, the hairless areas that had bumps everywhere were subdued quite a bit by the product.  Then I applied the cream the next day and it appeared to soothe the dogs skin.  My dog wasn’t scratching much at all when using these products, which was quite nice.  I’m sure this product could eliminate a case of localized Mange easily, but it appears to be over-matched when used as the only treatment for the disorder when you are facing Generalized Mange. 

 The PetsBestRx product is worth a try, but only after you try the next product mentioned due to it only costing $15. 

When compared to the PetsBestRx product this appears to just be a less refined replica of the Sulfinex Cream.  The Nustock smells deplorable and if your dog sleeps in your room you just might jump out the window.  It is guaranteed to work or your money back but who is ever going to go through the trouble of returning it if it doesn’t work due to shipping repackaging and time spent.Nustock The product did soothe the symptoms of mange in my dog better than anything I have used. I believe this product would easily handle and case of Localized Mange but again this product didn’t eliminate my pups generalized mange, the disease continually progressed.  Everyone should know that the pup was also receiving ivermectin bi-weekly injections during treatments with both brands mentioned here.  Nustock also has a shampoo availalve on its site that appears to be quite promising, I believe that will be the next product I try to assist my dog in beating this horrible issue.

I don’t want to discourage users from trying these products.  They are non-toxic, non-immune system impeding treatments that I believe should be the first defense, due to others solutions like Ivermectin, Mitaban and other products that can adversely affect some breeds and can in some cases kill a dog.  Ivermectin is usually safe when instructed by a vet.  All herding breeds should stay away from ivermectin!





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  1. Thanks for all the info. I’m going to try the Nustock & hope it works!

  2. Thank you – My dog has generalized demodectic mange and I was considering buying that first product you suggested. It is good to hear a first hand account of its effectiveness

  3. This is the best blog I’ve ever seen in my life! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to share your this with everyone.

  4. Try homeopathic sulphur 6x. It treats many skins problems on dogs as well as humans. For dogs, 1 pill a day – when condition is obviously clearing, use the sulphur less frequently on a tapering off program. Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats.
    Use supplements and modify diet as necessary to build up your pet’s immune system. Avoid vaccination during treatment period.Fresh lemon juice or Juillette de Bairacli-Levy’s lemon tonic (google for recipe)applied to the affected spot is helpful.

  5. I tried the nu stock and it worked wonders as long as I used it. Once my dog heal and his hair grew back I stopped using it. About 3 weeks later he started iching and losing his hair again. Best product I have found. Will begin treatment again.

  6. Ive tried Nustock and YES it does definitely work and VERY reasonable!!!!!!!

  7. Nu-Stock is more suitable for a localized case of mange. It’s not realistic to paint a whole dog with it if the mange is significant. It smells strong and can get on the furniture. You have to use it on an wide area around a patch to stop the mites that try to escape it. And you have to keep using it for about a month after the mange appears to begone because the eggs under the skin will continue to hatch for up to 30 days.

    It helps to was the dog with benzoyl peroxide shampoo before using it.

    Last;y, like other posters have mentioned, be sure to aggressively build up your dogs immune system. We counsel our customers that you can wipe out mites all day long but without a strong immune system, they will come back. Get rid of the overpopulation but also fix whatever caused the immune system to weaken and give extreme supplementation to repair the damage.

    Here’s a great article on all the things you can do to beat Demodectic mange:

  8. Your comment regarding Nustock – “When compared to the PetsBestRx product this appears to just be a less refined replica of the Sulfinex Cream”
    …actually Nustock has been around for 45 yrs. so, Sulfinex is the more refined replica. Nustock has been proven to work and I am using it for generalized mange along with Sulfur Benz shampoo. It is making a big difference. Generalized mange is very difficult to cure, persistence is the key. My puppy is getting an array of vitamins and improved diet as well.

  9. Our Dobe dropped out of puppy show ring probably in part because of generalized Demodex mange. At one point, between 9 and 18 months old, she had lost about 30% of her hair, and was covered in pustules and crusty gunk. But by age 3, her coat was lush, silky, and near-perfect, all the way to her death at the ripe old age of 13 yrs, 2 months. Our cure, with guidance from a great vet: a) High quality dry food with occasional egg yolk, yogurt, and sardines b) High quality fish oil supplements, daily c) Regular baths with Sulfadene medicated dog shampoo d) Dusted entire coat with powdered sulphur every few weeks; then spot treat with sulphur when new breakouts occur. e) Regular routine and plenty of exercise. f) change crate bedding once a month; wash bedding in hot water & bleach. The sulphur was the most important, and it caused her pustules and crusty scabs to dry up very quickly. Over the next week or 2 her skin flaked off in sheets, like giant dandruff or peeling sunburn. She did not seem uncomfortable, and didn’t scratch, lick, or chew her skin at all. As the skin healed, new hair slowly filled in all the bald spots, and eventually, even those around her eyes. Sulphur worked so well I now use it on my rosacea, and we both take fish oil when we can find a high quality source.

  10. Thanks for the info but what i understand is when they have mange it is some type of immune problem in which the mites are allowed to multiply in a dog who has compromised immunity from worms or cheap grain in the foods or water issues. Coconut oil helps with itching and it has antifungal properties in it.

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