Borax with Hydrogen Peroxide for Mange

I was quite hesitant to use this treatment for my dog, it just appeared to be some quack’s idea of treating mange without spending any $$$.  How wrong could I have been, this mixture appears to do the most damage to colonies of mites trying to replicate.

Borax used to treat mange

The Borax I Used


  I turned to this natural remedy when Ivermectin, Advantage Mutli/Advocate, Nustock & the PetsBestRx products failed to work.  I never had trusted natural remedies before due to my experience with them being less effective for many ailments in my past. 

Hydrogen Peroxide
Apparently this remedy works by mixing the two products the peroxide 1% solution is used as a vehicle to penetrate the skin (The Hydrogen Peroxide usually sold in stores is 3% so it should be diluted with 2 equal parts water.)  The borax is used as the mite killer traveling to the areas in the epidermis where these mites harbor themselves.  The mixture is a  1% solution of hydrogen peroxide with enough borax in it so that it is fully saturated (no longer absorbs the borax  usually ( 1 cup borax 48 oz 1% hydrogen peroxide mixed for 10 min). 
You are instructed to wash your dog as regular and then while the dog is wet and clean, the solution you put into a bucket is lathered all over the body (mange doesnt always show where it is living.)  The dog is then allowed to air dry with the solution never rinsed or toweled off the body.  This results in a chalky like feel to the coat with some temporary discoloration.  After I applied this solution for the first time it appeared to really disturb the mange, Baron had bumps with soft scabs all over his body.  The solution appeared to do more work than anything else I had applied.  I recommend to do this 2-4 times to see results.  Make sure you have some type of soothing lotion to put on the skin due to the extreme drying nature of this remedy. 
The Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide didnt cure my dog yet he has improved on this treatment much more than any synthetic or expensive treatments.  I almost forgot: This is a great remedy to try due to how cheap it is to try.  About $2.00 to try it!  
Since I explained how to use this remedy quite poorly I have enclosed a link to a site that specifically explains how to make and use this treatment as well as providing variations on the remedy and other natural treatments for Sarcoptic and Demodex Mange as well. 

Earth Clinic Folk Remedies Site Link

Earth Clinic Folk Remedies Site Link


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  1. Thank you for your site. I had gotten the info about the borax and hydrogen peroxide from the same site as you, but had forgotten the ratios. Your explanation is MUCH more clear, so you’ve done people a real service!

    Something else you may want to try for the nasty spots is Everyday Solutions Rx Mud Mange Cream. It clears up hotspots very quickly. It’s best if you apply when you can keep an eye on your dog so he/she doesn’t lick it off.

    Best of luck to Baron and you! And thanks again for creating what might become a very helpful site!

    • I forgot the right amount of water, borax and hydrogen peroxide to treat my 2-1/2 yr old 85lbs female German Sheppard. She came with this condition from the litter box since my daughter in law bought her in Houston. She was being treated by a vet as an allergy condition due to the diet she was given. I inherited her approx 1-1/2 year ago and I also tried different vets here in Louisiana with no success. 10 – 12 months ago in desperation I went on line and saw pictures and images that looked exactly the same as what my baby had. I TRIED THE BORAX AND HYDROGEN MIXTURE AND IT WORKED AS A MIRACLE. IT WENT AWAY. Now its back again. I read its parasites under the skin.

      • my dog is so flakey after the mix, i use plain baby oil to moisten her skin, she is scabby and most of her her is gone even her tail…. iv’e taken her to the vet with hundreds of dollars spent from the scrapings and lime treatment and the ivermien junk my dog is a mess, i even tried the motor oil crap as the say is old school treatment, still didn’t get result!!!! as of today im on my third treatment of the borax mix use’d once a week, my dog has scabbs all over, she a mess…she’s a 12lb minpin…i love her so much… she’s funny lookin now she looks like a porky pine very spikey looking with patches of scabbs all over, any hint of when her hair will com back…..HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • okay i’ve use the borax hydrogen mix, and now my dog is bald…i dont no if that’s good or bad, she looks better bald…her skin is a little patchie but less scabbie…she seem a little happier, but she looks nothing like a min pin that she is, i’m giving her vitamins…yogart and omega oils and changed her food to organtic that she loves, mix a little yogart in it and the samon oil and omega oils and she really chows down, i’m hoping to see more change in a few mor weeks..(rosie)

      • Yes mange is mites. It depends on what type of mite. Chiggers do not burrow in the skin like many think, and only the larva feeds on skin, so it will usually go away if there is no exposure to the places where they breed. Mange is usually referring to scabies mites, which do bury in the skin, lay eggs in the skin, and live their whole life cylce on a host.
        The HO is to help penetrate the layers of skin, and borax is to kill them, however it will not penetrate all of the eggs etc. The scabies mites have a 2 week life cycle, so treatmen will take more than one application. I am no vet, so I don’t know the balance between drying out the dogs skin vs killing the mites effectively, but I can tell you that one treatment will not do the trick. It will come back.

        Borax is so safe, I drink the stuff. I got my father to do the same, he has arthritis, and within 3 days, he was able to wear rings on his fingers that he hadn’t been able to in over ten years.

      • I was told they can battle this from 18 months old to 36 months old, it all depends on when the puppy’s immune system matures. I dip my puppy with the borax and peroxide mixture weekly and I between I mad date her each morning with a mixture of coconut oil and pure neem oil (ratio 10 parts coconut oil to 1 part pure neem oil) I bought the neem oil at Whole Foods. She loves her morning massages ! I also rotate putting in her food a probiotic, premium brewer’s yeast, echinacea and fish oil. The key is to treat the mange and help boost the immune system at the same time. I have found it’s best to give a variety of things, so you avoid giving them too much of one thing. I recommend starting off slow and error on the side of conservative if you are unsure. Today I am trying a dip of apple cider vinegar and borax to see how that works.

    • Today is the 2nd wash my pet dog (muttley an American Pit Bull) has had in 3 days, Hydrogen peroxide has been too expensive to buy and in any event I have not been able in isolated rural to purchase larger amounts, and as hydrogen peroxide or vinegar is the vessel for getting borax through my dogs skin I have purchased 2 litre bottles of vinegar.and if I may make comment for what it is worth from personal observation, the borax remedy from the outset has been very effective against demodex mange, I intend to continue the treatment, Method : In a metal bowl I empty 1 to 2 litres of vinegar , heat on the stove ( raises the solubility) and add aprox.250-300 grams of borax. After showering Muttley thoroughly with shampoo with a soft scrubbing brush and rinsed, the borax /vinegar solution is applied thoroughly , and left to dry naturally ( No towels). Note the small bottle 400ML of hydrogen peroxide is kept in my medical tool kit is used if ever muttley were to eat poison, Hydrogen peroxide is used to induce vomiting. If it weren’t for other testimony here I may have past by this Borax/vinegar remedy. .

      • It is good to shampoo first with Dawn Dishwashing liquid ( the original blue) and leave this on for 10 minutes then rinse well. Afterwhich immediately use 1/2 cup Borax–2 cups of peroxide and 2 cups of water. Mix well and apply. Leave on to air dry. The dawn dishwashing liquid many times works on its own without the treatment of borax. You will notice the hair growing back within the first week or two.

      • Hi,
        I have 2 dogs. One is a Rott/malamute mix who is HUGE. At least 150lbs the other is a Japanese Chin only 4 lbs. Both have been scratching for a week or two. They both stink and now I know why! Both dogs are very furry with under coats. It wasn’t until I brushed the big one and looked real close I noticed the circular pattern of hair loss- scabby mess under his fur. Then upon closer inspection I realized its in many spots on his back and some scaling, red spots on his belly. He is concentrating on his tail, it seems the spots he can reach are the ones without hair. The vet gave him a shot awhile back in response to my visit for his stink ear and incessant licking of his paw. He was licking his paw so much a puddle of saliva and blood was on the floor by the time I got home from work. There were no noticeable cuts, or painful hotspots just licking away all day. Also he smells like a dirty sock! Poor guy is a huge stinky sock nobody wants to be near him accept me of course! The little Jap Chin also has this going on under his fur. He stinks too! My chin is a rescue who’s owner died. He came with some health issues. He has sporadic seizures, he’s 10 yrs old. I’m concerned if the solution is safe for him. I had a Sib Husky that had seizure disorder. But her seizures were grand mal she lived from age 2 to age 10 on heavy meds. I use her meds cut of course for little Buster when he’s in seizure and he’s fine. Simply can’t afford to go the vet route on that. Been there. I came across this post for Borax Peroxide solution and I’ve decided to try it and avoid another very costly vet visit. I will be back with my results! I’m excited to see if this works! My son has a white Pitt who might benefit from my experiment! I’m going to shampoo with dawn first as someone suggested. I’ve used it for years! My dogs do not have fleas but that is what I use anyway.

      • Vinegar is an acid and can burn as well as promote the black fungus from the licking by the dog be careful and you probably want to rinse afterwards It cost more than 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. I got my Borax and Peroxide at Walmart. The 32 oz of peroxide was less than a dollar and 99cents at the 99cent store. Pour half the Peroxide into an empty 2-liter soda bottle and fill the bottle up to about 3/4 full with water. Warm water will help dissolve the Borax.

      • Borax, Hydrogen Peroxide and vinegar are all a million times safer than the vaccines your wonderful companions are getting. The vaccines are lowering their immune systems making them more susceptible to mites, fleas, ticks, ear infections, seizures and of course auto-immune disorders and cancer. Please research the ingredients in vaccines. There’s absolutely no reason to have egg, insect cells, human serum (I’ll let you guess where they get these cells), bovine serum (they use downer cattle from factory farms and euthanized animals from research labs), mycoplasms, bacteriophages, prions, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc. injected into our beloved companions (vaccines for humans are the same).

      • Does the solution cause the dog to loose their hair? My dogs is in bad shape but I would hate for him to lose his hair.

      • Hi if they have Demodex Mange then they’ll lose their fur regardless. Has nothing to do with the solution. The mites cause the hair follicles to clog up which causes the fur to fall out. Hope this info helps and that your furbaby feels better.

    • Hi I was wondering if you could make a big batch of the solution and store it to spay on them through out the week or spray onto their bedding?

  2. borax is toxic if taken internaly. a collar to stop licking is nesesary, until borax is rinsed off. Lime sulfer dip also works but also requires a collar to stop licking. cats are more at risk than dogs. a cat will compleatly lick itsef after bath. the toxisity of borax, is the same as boric acid or salt.

    • not quite true bikerj, the toxicity of borax is the same as salt, but MUCH less toxic then boric acid. Please no one substitute boric acid for borax in this remedy. Boric Acid is very dangerous and could kill a dog if used in this manner. Borax, while not edible, is as you stated about as toxic as salt.

      • I am now using this solution on my 4&1/2 month old boxer pup. To boost his immune system, I’m giving him a probiotic and a puppy vitamin. To ease dry skin left behind after using this solution, I am using grapeseed oil (this also discourages those mites) The vet wanted to do the dips on him which are very toxic to the dog and humans(when wet). I rather do natural remedies and not have future illness arise from those toxic dips.

      • This is also incorrect. Borax is no more or less toxic than boric acid. When borax is ingested, acids in the stomach convert much of it to boric acid anyway. It is really just a good bio available source for boron. Boron is used throughout the body. It is being listed as toxic more and more, as it could cheaply replace many arthritis medicines. Do the research, see why it is listed as toxic despite being much safer than table salt.

    • I drink a litter of water,1/8teasoon of Borox and Peroxide at least 5 days a week and I’m not sick or dead.

    • Boric Acid is nothing like salt or Borax not even in the same category. Borax is used as a laundry soap helper

    • Borax is not the same thing as Boric Acid. Salt and acid are much different

  3. I am using the borax solution now to cure mange on my pitbull pup. I will say after one application I can notice that he had stopped itching. The hairless spots also don’t look as red and blotchy. Thanx.

    • I just used the borax solution no more than 10 mins ago on my sweet Mangy rescue chihuahua, poor little thing !! 😢 was wondering how you did with your little one with the mange, better now ? I Hope !!!

  4. how often do I need to apply the borax/H2O2/H2O solution on my dog?

    • It depends on the condition of your animal. I would begin with a single application once a week. If after 2 weeks you believe that your dog could benefit from additional weekly treatments try it. Make sure you rule out a thyroid issue and food allergies as well; their symptoms are strikingly similar to Mange in many ways.

      • I have been researching this specific home remedy online and have used it twice now on my dogs the first time was Saturday and now today which is Monday was the second dose. I read it’s not as effective unless used multiple times a week. Is this not true? Most the comments here say they used once a week. I’m curious about how often I should be doing this.

  5. […] There are about 100 links if you google this, but this looks like a pretty good one here. Borax with Hydrogen Peroxide for Mange A guide for treating a dog with mange all ya do is sponge a borax/peroxide solution on to the affected area and let it dry without […]

  6. I acquired a little dog – he literally walked into my house one day when I had the door open, he appears to be a chi-shire, not sure. I believe someone dumped this little baby, he’s between 8-9 mos. to 12 mos. He was quite covered in ticks. Because of where I live I cannot keep this little precious, but he’s staying with me until I find the owner or if not, I’ll screen people interested in adopting him. The tic problem is no more, I used home remedy shampoo off the net as I had the ingredients. He has little bumps on him, he scratches, not much, but enough to notice. I’m wondering if he has mange, there is no vet within 65 miles, I don’t have the $$$, but I want to get him healthy. I believe he might have worms. There are places on his belly and other places with not so much hair that have what looks like patches of blackheads. I’m using a hydrocortisone spray on patches that look a little inflamed. He’s a pretty little dog, housebroken, sleeps at the foot of the bed, so he’s used to living inside and part-time outside. Can anyone help me with some suggestions, and some answers to questions? I would so appreciate it, I want him to be healthy and feel good. His appetite is excellent, I give him a daily vitamin which has Omega-3. I feed him IAMS puppy dry food, which he loves, and he eats frequently, thus my deduction that he is still more puppy and not over a year old. Otherwise he’s healthy, content here with me, never barks, and I just want to do everything I can for the little guy. I can’t understand anyone who would take a dog like this far from home and dump him – I’d love to meet them, if this is the case, but they would not enjoy meeting me! He doesn’t care for chew toys, and he doesn’t play. He sleeps alot. Thank you for any and all help! Myra

    • It sounds like your puppy may have more problems than you can see. Have you taken his temperature? Living in the wild and living on an unhealthy diet can harm the puppy’s immune system. If he’s lethargic and not playing, he may be suffering from tick fever (You said that he previously had ticks). He probably has parasites as well. You can pick up the medicine for round worms and hook worms at Walmar or online, but the tape worm medicine can’t be bought without a prescription. (You can see tape worm pieces wiggling in the puppy’s stool)

      If you can’t get to a vet, then please take the puppy’s temperature and if it isn’t between 99.5 and 102.5, then this is an indication that something else is going on. All dogs have the mites that cause mange, but when they begin to have problems it may be an indication of a compromised immune system.

      There are several questions that would need to be asked. Are the puppy’s glands swollen? Is the urine output a normal color? Not clear or dark? Is the puppy scooting on the floor?

      I am not a vet, but I was in your place. Found a badly abused dog and had been out of work for 7 months due to the wonderful economy. You learn a lot on the internet. Just keep reading and asking questions.

      Good luck !!

    • I know this post is old but for anyone reading this (as I came across it because of the mange issue), this might be some helpful info. instead of worm meds or a chemical dewormer try bentonite clay. I’ve used it for years and have no worm issues whatsoever (my dogs that is). Besides taking care of worms clay also keeps the intestinal tract clean of other parasites and toxins. I use it for so many different things, here are some links for more info on clay.
      There are many more informative sites out there so do your research like I have done and heal your pet the natural way-don’t make it more miserable with chemicals.

      • Diatomaceous earth is also excellent at ridding parasites in mammals. It is very cheap, and organic farmers use it to deworm livestock. It has the added benefit of killing anything with an exoskeleton and can be spread around to stop all types of bugs, from ants to bedbugs, even mites. you can get pounds of it for a few bucks.

    • I know money is an issue but there could be a thiroid issue going on which would only be detected taking bloods. It is treatable but costs add up as he would need to be on thiroid meds forever. Maybe the best thing would be to find a home that can afford his treatment as it sounds like he has a few things that need checking and remedying. It could be a reason why the previous owners dumped him as they couldnt afford to bring him to the vets. good luck to both of ye. Lorna.

  7. Would this end up bleaching my black lab since your using such a large amount of hydrogen peroxide?

    • For my black lab/boxer mix, I substituted apple cider vinegar so it wouldn’t bleach

    • it might lighten the fur if he is in the sun when the solution is wet.

      • I have only used this treatment once. Georgia has not been scratching no where near as much as she had. I will rinse her again in a couple weeks. She is also on ivermectin.

    • yes, I used this on my black lab/pitbull and her fur has turned from a very dark black to a more brown color. But the solution has been working very well I use it about 3 times a week but I’m just curious if this will completely heal her mange and when her patches of fur should start coming back in?

  8. It worked wonders on my pup. I have a 13 week old pitbull puppy and he had this first on his face adn it spread like wildfire to his body. I read everything I could find. I came across this article on monday, now he is doing much better. We left it on for 24 hours. His skin is no longer inflamed and red. He looks happier now. I will coat him again in 2 days to make sure we got all those little bugs. We have been using natural aloe plant to soothe his skin as this treatment drys it out severely.

    I have another 14 month old female who had patches of this and the stuff the vet gave me didn’t work. It kept coming back, so we kept saturating the patches with aloe sap until it disappeared. And every now and then we coat her with it again.

    Thanks a million!

    • The only thing with the perioxide you might want to monitor is the fact that it bleaches your pets coat. My neighbor’s black dog is blonde in the face now. Since then, I told her to substitute the peroxide with vinegar (brown one). His skin is no longer red and his hair has started to grow back… of course.

      • You need “hydrogen peroxide” not PEROXIDE WHICH IS A HAIR BLEACHING CHEMICAL!!!!!!

      • Susan, I’m a hair stylist. Peroxide is just a shorter term for hydrogen peroxide. They’re both h2o2 and they will both lighten hair. The only difference is that for we have 3-12% available for use and that peroxide used for coloring hair has conditioners in it. That makes it white and creamy versus clear.

  9. I discovered this Borax miraculous cure for demodex about a year ago and I will tell you, IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS!! Best home remedy out there and very inexpensive and non-toxic to your pet.

    • my golden skin change dramaticaly
      non bad odor
      the skin is shine.
      i bathe him first with sulfonex dry wait next day and the dip
      is great he wont scratch anymore

  10. I have a beautiful rescue pup that was found by her rescuers with a severe case of demodectic mange. They treated her with the costly dips, and she appeared cured. They then transferred her to a dog rescue, that rescue transferred her to another rescue, and then we adopted her. All of this happened from mid-July until mid-September.

    She looked great when we got her, but very soon her mange flared up again. We started by trying Pyoben Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo. It didn’t work. Her mange worsened. Then we switched her foods (gradually of course) from Diamond Brand to Fromms ( Now she is on daily oral Ivermectin. We took almost 2 weeks to gradually get her up to full dose. She’s been on that for 2 days. For the last two weeks her mange has gotten horrible. She has scratched and bit herself until she bled. Then our vet recommended Benedryl. Which has really only made her sleep more. When she is awake she is still itchy.

    So today she got her first Borax/Hydrogen Peroxide sponge bath. I’ve also ordered Dinovite ( as a supplement. Hopefully that helps.

    I plan on bathing her every other day for the first week with the Borax. The only drawback that I can think of with this is that she is terrified of water in the tub. She’s fine eating treats in the tub, and she is fine with water- loves the lake! – but is petrified of water in the tub. I don’t want the stress of frequent baths to aggravate her condition. We smeared peanut butter on the tiles of the wall, and while she had peanut butter to lick she seemed better… we’ll keep trying.

    Thank you for all the great advice! I’ll keep you posted on Ruby’s progress!

    • i love the peanut butter idea great thinking!

      • I’m going to try the peanut butter today when i bathe Molly, as she is also terrified, she starts shaking once I get her into the bathroom, Thanks hopefully this helps!

    • Can you give us an update on whether this worked for you?

    • I used a big Rubbermaid container. As the borscht mix would drip off I could scoop it up with a cup and reapply. You dont rinse off, so a bath tub and running water aren’t necessary.

      • I have a typo on my comment about using the Rubbermaid container…my comment says “Borscht” should be BORAX.

      • Susan I used the Borscht mix like you suggested now my white dog is totally red!! Just kidding, I knew it was Borax, not Borscht. Seriously though I’ve been doing the Borax Bathing about 1 time a week. It’s been 3 weeks. I noticed a huge difference right after the 1st Borax Bath.

    • Please, please, please don’t give your dog Ivermectin, folks. As I was educating myself I saw this EVERYWHERE, and was shocked at how commonly it’s used. It’s a neurotoxin that is at best unhealthy for your dog, and in extreme cases can be fatal. It wasn’t even developed as a mite treatment, it is a solution for cattle heartworms that we prescribe off-label, because few vets trust holistic/home remedies and we don’t have a better pharmaceutical solution. Its success rate against mites is only ~60%, not worth the risk when you have healthier alternatives available. If you’re willing to spend time and money on something more effective than borax, has info on a slew of treatment options in addition to what they actually sell. I have referred several natural-minded clients to them who ended up being very pleased with their dogs’ recovery. But please beware of conventional pesticide mindset. It’s dangerous. Don’t be afraid to swim against the tide – just about anything is better than oral Ivermectin.

      I know this is an ancient comment but I love the peanut butter on the walls idea, I’m going to start recommending that to my patients 😀

  11. I have a Border Collie/Lab Mix that was diagnosed with Demodex mange…I started using the Borax/peroxide remedy .. I did the second treatment today… is there a better way than another for applying the solution.. I gave her a bath first then rinsed her off.. then I just poured the solution over her and massaged it into here fur and skin.. then let her air dry… I really don;t want to have to use the mitaban dip unless I have to. (being it is poison). Some say you should use a sponge to apply it.. I have an Idea to put some in a small spray bottle and between dips spray the solution on the really bad areas.. has anyone tried it this way?

    • I guess you could do that, but it will take a lot of spraying to get ample amount through the fur onto the skin. I prefer the sponge method because you can just squeeze the liquid out of the sponge onto the dog. This way you have better control of getting it on the dog more than on the floor, which I would think happens when you just pour it on. Another reason I wouldn’t use a spray bottle—–when I pick up a spray bottle, regardless of what it is, all my dogs disappear suddenly. 🙂

  12. The Borax/Peroxide mix seems to have left my little one more itchy than before. The (what seems to be) mange spots never itched her and I wouldnt have noticed them had the hair not fallen out. The family I got her from said they were “hot spots” so I have been treating them as such for 3 weeks without any improvement. I noticed what looked like pepper flakes on her skin and have come to the conclusion its mange. I will continue with this solution on her for the next day or so but if the itching does not subside I will try desitin next.

    • If it’s not itchy it’s not mange. The solution may have just irritated the hot spots more. Could be dermatitis, a yeast infection maybe. Desitin does not heal, it provides a protective layer. With mange it can help smother the kritters.Use something to help heal the skin instead. Neem oil, diluted in a carrier oil (I use olive oil) and aloe vera is what I use. Educate yourself about hot spots
      When my dogs start licking or biting at an area, there’s usually little more than a red spot, which will get worse if they continue. I have found that when I sprinkle some bentonite clay powder over the area they will leave it alone. I know from my own experience that the clay relieves itching, cools and soothes the skin, takes away pain. At the same time it will disinfect and promote healing.

    • Hi, I have now done my first bath with Borax/Peroxide. But as Borax is now so difficult to get in the UK, whilst I waited for my on-line delivery to arrive, I plumbed for Tea Tree oil and Lavendar oil mixed in with some carrier oil and massaged this in daily for a week. I have to say, the lesions on my Yorkie are drying out and the mad itching has stopped. in between rubs I would dab either neat Lavendar oil or Tea Tree oil onto the lesions. For those who need an alternative to Peroxide/Borax, I highly recommend this. Good luck

      • I don’t know the safety for dogs, but te best oils for killing mites, are oil of anise, clove oil, rosemary oil, not in that order. Clove is the best killer, but can burn skin expecially sensitive areas. Anise is totally safe for people, I use it mixed with coconut oil as a carrier for mite problems.

    • It’s not always mange… It can be yeast on the skin or fungal infection on the skin.. My eng bulldog has both yeast & fungal, and its little scabby bumpy patches that when the scab falls off, it’s bald underneath.. I’m going to try the perixode & borax mixture.. A lady with a German Shepard told me about it.. She used a spray bottle..

  13. I tried this for several weeks but it didn’t work for my dog. Now I’m trying the Advantage Multi / Advocate every two weeks as recommended by the vet.

    If that doesn’t work, I plan to buy Dr. Ben’s Paws and Claws (a cedar oil spray to kill the mites naturally).

    Ivermectin cleared up Pearl’s (my Chinese Crested) first round of mange, but she refused to eat her food when I added it this time around.

  14. Hi all, I am currently treating my dog with the h2o2 and borax solution. Can you please tell me how long it took for the hair on face and body to begin regrowth? thanks

  15. I would say after 2 weeks of sucessfully treating it you should see hair regrowth. Be very careful and put your pet on a limited ingredient diet such as Natural Balance Salmon and Potato to verify that its not a food allergy. Many times the pustules coming from a dogs skin can appear to be mange when in fact your dogs food is whats driving his skin crazy. Good luck!

  16. i change his diet to wellness core gree of graine. mange feed of graine so stop that cheap food make it worst

  17. I have been to the vet 4x and nothing has changed. First they said my lab Cheynne had skin allergies. The next visit they said sher was allergic to Front Line. After that they said she an anxiety problems. My dog wore a lamp shade for 3 months. Every antbiotic, every steriod did not cure my dog. My poor dog has so many hot spots on her that I finally took it into my own hands. The vets want blood work, the vets want skin scapings. The vets in my opinion want to make their money. Taking you dog to the vet is more expensive than taking your child to the doctor.

    To make a long story short. My dog has mange which I diagnosed myself. I have tried every over the counter meds and they do not work.

    I have searched for a solution. So far the best one is Borax and Periodixe. The minute I put it on her all her hot spots turned black.. To me it means something happened. She has raw spots on her back and all of her legs and belly. She did not cry or even back away.
    This solution did not hurt her. She is not lickling or scratching at all. She looks like crap, but thats ok. I am also adding to her food Vanilla Yogurt with probiotics.

    The only set back is that I am doing laundry everyday with borax becasue she sleeps with me.

    I am spraying my matress and her bed with this solution.

    So far so good. Wish me luckl becasue this is the only thing that seems to be working

    • No grain dog food.

      • Sorry to add…you doing the dips right but the idea is to keep the dog in clean “mite-free” space. Meaning keep him in a space that is clean and floors, furniture is washed with borax and water. Don’t let him sleep with you as the mites are everywhere and they basically reinfecting the dog.

        1. I have a chow-chow now that is going to through the same condition (mites) and I noticed that after few baths my dog got way better. I let him run around the house as normal. He likes to sleep on one of our rugs in a TV room and I noticed that mites were coming back because he kept getting patches on his legs where the fur on the back begun to grow back. Now he is in isolated in one room (I choose TV room since we are there so he feels not separated). I removed all the rugs, and I clean the floor, coffee table and wooden floor with water and borax once a week so the area where he is and sleeps is totally clean. I removed all the rugs in the house and washed them in hot water with borax (borax is the only one that kills those suckers). I steralized the entire house, his old area where he slept, floors, washed all the sheets in the house. Remember female mite can live on the floor 4 days but her eggs for about 2 months. If they catch a dog – they become alive again.

        2. I have been giving him borax/hydrogen peroxide baths as described here – twice a week and then once a week for about 2 months.

        3. Another thing that it is important for the cure that I don’t see it mentioned it. GIVE YOUR DOG WATER WITH 1/3 TABLESPOON OF BORAX INTO THE STERILE DRINKING WATER. Since the mites live in your dogs skin and mix with the blood how he supposed to be cured? You have mites on the skin and mixed with a blood. I give him borax water all day long and it is there for him to drink. ONE LITER OF STERILE WATER AND YOU ADD 1/3 OF TABLESPOON OF BORAX AND MIX IT. Give it to the dog like a normal water. I have been doing it for 4 weeks now and the change is amazing.

        4. Give your dog a fish oil – daily. I have been giving him evening and in the morning to boost his immune system. Also, I have my dog on almost raw diet – meat, bones, some cooked soups, fish, – I never used any dry food since this is not a natural dog food. Please read about raw food diet for the dogs – you will see it yourself.

        5. My dog is getting completely cured. His fur is growing back and he does not scratches anymore. My only concern is that mites are effect of other “underlying problem that my dog and your dogs have” and this is why they got mites in a first place (or they were there but their immune system could not control them). After his fur will grow back I will go back to the vet for glance, hormone tests because in chow that is very common.

        Any questions e-mail me and I will gladly reply –

      • This is an update on my chow-chow and entire treatment with borax – TOTAL SUCCESSSSSSSSSS! –

        Today is May 28, 2013 and since the start of January 10, 2013 – I completely cured my boy out of mites!!!! His hair is growing back (almost all grown back) and he is totally beautiful like he always was before the mites.

        Check out my post below from few weeks ago. This is exactly what I did and I cured the dog completely. I also went to the vet for check up and he was amazed with the difference. When my dog was diagnozed with mites back in December the vet wanted to dip him in a smelly dip metaban and issue a dose of ivermicin and other chemicals. I said NO! Natural method first! –

        1. I have been giving him borax/hydrogen peroxide baths – twice a week at first then once a week for about 3 months.

        2. Natural quality food – no grain foods (of course I knew that) but my dog does not eat dry food anyway. The only food that I buy that I literally have nothing normal for him to eat is Ancana (food bought in Canada – you can order on-line – no grain no fillers). My dog eats bones, meat, soups, fish, beef, raw eggs etc. Natural diet.

        3. I separated him in a clean, sterile area (in the TV room) – he does not walked all over the house so he could not get reinfected, I washed the floors with hot borax once a week so he was in a clean room at all times and he slept there. I also washed entire house with borax, sheets, his sleeping area, rugs – all in hot water with borax.

        4. I washed with borax and hot water all the toys, his bed, hair brushes, leash and anything he uses.

        5. The dog was drinking borax with drinking water. I was giving him 1 LITTER of sterille water and adding 1/3 of the tea spoon of borax. He had that water all day to drink plus once during the day I gave him normal water so he could washed better all the food he ate. I gave him borax water for over 4 months. BORAX IS NOT TOXIC IN SMALL DOSES – HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO KILL THE MITES UNDER HIS SKIN – THEY ARE MIXED WITH DOG’S BLOOD. If that was toxic my dog would be dead by now! He is not – alive, happy and beautiful like he used to was. You will notice that you dog does not scratches, smells anymore.

        6. My dog was getting (and he still does) fish oil capsules to bust his immune system. One in the morning and one in the evening.

        7. Last week I took him to the vet – just to show him off. THE VET ALMOST LOST HIS SOCKS OFF! LITERALLY. He did the scrape on his leg to check for the mites and he could not find none. I told him exactly what I did and he asked me in detail what I was doing. I said – now you have a proof that borax with hydrogen peroxide works – 100% but you have do do it right. Keep the dog in a clean space, do the baths, give him borax to drink and feed him well.

        My dog Borys is healthy and mite free!!! – I am posting that here since I remember myslef how mad and desparate I was few months ago – when I saw my dog scratching, with holes on his back because mites were eating him alive. I chosen not to torture my dog, spent hundreds on the vet and all the ivermycin, metaban and other toxic junk they giving the animal. I choose natural way and I got desired result. If that site would allow me post my dogs pictures I definitely would.


      • One more thing I forgot to add –

        When I just went to the vet last week – TO SHOW HIM OFF – I did all the blood tests for my chow-chow since I wanted to check if his thyroid, glance and all the blood tests are right. He come out 1000% healthy. No problems of any kind! THANKS GOD – I love that dog so I want him to be healthy and well taking care of. He is the smartest chow I ever had. I had 3 chows before him but he is the smartest of all of them. I never had to deal with any mites before but I think I did a good job for my animal.

  18. Ive got a 14 month old Dogue DeBordeaux who has mange for the 2nd time now, though its only effecting his stomach and inner thighs. His immune system is not as strong as it should be so Im skeptical of the oral meds my vet wants to give so we just tried the borax mixture tonight.
    Any tips on what I can give him to boost immunity?

    • Your baby might not have the mange-might just be dermatitis. I thought some of my dogs had demodex mange but got wise just recently. Demodex mange usually begins with hair loss around the eyes. I saqw a pic on the web and 2 of my dogs had that but it cleared up on it’s own. The other mange is contageous, so that can’t be it because I have dogs who never have any issues with their skin/hair.. However,some have been ailing with skin problems for a very long time. After more research I have come to the conclusion that they have moist dermatitis. The best way to keep it from spreading is to keep the area dry. For this I use bentonite clay powder. A word about immune system. 2 of my dogs affected with this skin problem have heartworm, so their immune system is definitely compromised. Any over the counter meds or prescription meds will further harm the immune system. I have spent many many many hours searching for natural ways to treat my animals. I don’t search for natural remedies, because all you get is caps, pills, powders liquids and such people try to sell you for a pretty penny. I look for heme remedies and have learned a lot about herbs and other substances I can use myself and for my animals. Astragalus and echinacea are good as immune boosters. Read about Astragalus here
      and here about echinacea
      Astragalus helps produce more immune cells and echinacea stimulates the immune system.

  19. our cats have mange and nothing has worked yet. we want to try this but is safe on cats. we have surfed the web but cant find any info on this. please help.

    • Again, this post is old, but noone has made any comment, so for those reading this post and looking for some advise, here goes nothing. It is my understanding that borax is highly toxic for cats, considering that they groom themselves constantly. I personally would not try this remedy for a kitty. Another remedy I would not try is anything containing essential oils, as this is toxic for cats also. Remember that the same thing will affect different creatures differently, as is with us humans, so in those two cases I’d rather not take the chance, especially since you can’t watch over a cat 24/7. I have found some interesting and helpful information regarding mange in cats though

      • Almost every word of this post is incorrect. Borox is safe, and essential oils would not be essential if they were toxic. Too general to be of any use. Some oils essential to humans may be toxic, but I highly doubt it, as most mammals require the same “Essential” fatty acids.

  20. Hi,

    I have a inquiry for the webmaster/admin here at

    Can I use some of the information from your post right above if I provide a link back to this website?


  21. .– I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives great information ~,.

  22. I have an 8 year old pit bull. She has red mange or Dermatitis. Seems the older she gets the harder it is to control the problem. She will be fine for a few months then WAMMO she gets bumps mostly on the back or hind area or feet between toes to the point of a bloody slimmy smelly mess in a matter of 48 hours.The mites also like to make a (hive) like area where the skin damage will be 2×2 inch patch of raw bleeding mess and i am helpless to kill these dam things.

    I have 100’s in vet bills ivermecton,prednisone,depo-medrol shot’s and on and on. All of these meds worked but only for a short time then the cycle starts all over again.

    I tried the Borax / Peroxide and “YES” it is working very well after only 5 days. I looked up MSDS and found Borax (sodium tetraborate) to be way way safer the all the other poisons the vets sell you such as Amitraz dips and so on.

    She acts like a big happy puppy now that she is a Borax dog 🙂


  23. I have a 15-month-old Border Collie mix with Demodectic Mange. He has areas that are very raw, even bloody in places. Can I still use the Borax/Peroxide mixture on him, or do I have to wait until he’s healed a bit? We’re going to have to resort to an E-collar for him, which he totally freaks out over.

    Thanks so much for this VERY helpful site and information.

  24. I have 3 cats suffering with ringworm and one seems as if he has mange too? Possible or ringworm?

    • Yes cats do get a mange, the parasite or mite is a different one but the effects are the same. Do a search for home remedies for cat mange and you will find posts on this topic as well.

      • I have used Iodine that you put on a wound on ringworm. It is to be put on twice a day and continue two weeks after it looks gone.

  25. this mixture of borax and peroxide is incredible. at first i was hesitant but after 10 days this solution has worked wonders
    thank you

  26. I dont know if anybody will be able to answer this question but I figured I would toss it out there anyway. I have always thought my dog had hot spots. She never had any signs that anything major was going on just slight skin irritations now and then in spots. Well she just had a litter of pups and its worse then ever. After researching on net I am sure its mange. The pups are a week old now and already showing symptoms! Can anybody give me some advise?

    • I sure hope your little family is doing well. I know this comes late but surely after the stress of giving birth your mother dog’s immune system is down, causing any other problems to flair up, which also leads me to assume that your dog’s immune system was just barely dealing with the skin issues, having minor outbreaks here and there. The fact that the pups were showing signs leads me to beliebe that your momma dog has the contagous kind of mange. I would definitely treat with the borax solution. Any raw open areas I always treat with bentonite clay. Just sprinkle a little powder over the affected area. This can also be used for the pups as it is non toxic and also recommended for de-worming, so any licking won’t hurt. In my opinion, the most important thing for all ailments is nutrition. Proper nutrition is key for the body to function as intended. The second item on my list is supporting the immune system so it can become stronger and eventually deal better with issues. My third piece of advise is to use herbs or natural products to deal with specific issues. This will require a lot of reserch, and a lot of patience, but will be well worth the effort in the long run.

      • You are so right about it being safe to use the bentonite clay powder on the pups, and I know that you did not mean that it is ok to use the borax washing powder/peroxide solution on the pups, but just to be clear to those who might misunderstand, do NOT use the solution on pups under 10 lbs in weight or 16 weeks of age. I’ve been a vet tech for over 30 years, and because of the ratios of weight to solution and age and developing immune systems, applying the solution to pups under 4 months old or under 10 lbs in weight is not considered safe by vets. Some breeds don’t even weight 10 lbs as adults, and for those dogs, wait until they are 20 weeks old. This is because of the progress of their developing immune systems when their relative weight won’t support the safe use of the solution. Diluting the solution renders it ineffective, so that is not an option. Also, no one has posted the caveat that increasing the peroxide ratio is UNSAFE. It can cause the breakdown of healthy skin tissue at 2% or 3% solution. This is the reason that peroxide should never be used after a wound starts to heal on a person, nor used under a bandage where the skin is then kept moist.

  27. I plan to try this today with our Lab mix. I’m assuming he has Demodex. It is currently a mild case from my understanding… only around his eyes… Can I just saturate the area without totally bathing this huge creature every time? I can’t wait to report back!

    • Yes you can do that, but be very careful. If it is just getting started you could also try using olive oil or any carrier oil with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed in. It has helped my dogs.

  28. Wow! What a difference.

    1 part hydrogen peroxide (3%) to 2 parts water. Add as much Boraxo to the liquid as it can sustain without falling to the bottom.

    For years, my mom’s dog had mange, but the vets would say it was flea allergies or some other type of allergy. It is ashamed to learn how little vets know and how quickly they jump to conclusions to get you out in 20 minutes.

    I had to do my own research. At first, I thought it might be fungal, so I tried anti-fungals. Then, I tried this Boraxo/Hydrogen Peroxide solution. Wow!

    I apply it after giving a bath. It only needs to be done once a week. After bathing, apply it all over the affected areas and leave it on wet. Do not dry the dog.

    After the 4th time (so far), the skin is smooth, the coat has grown back a lot, and the dog is much, much better.

    Mange looks like an exposed, crusty, bumpy, scabby, weepy infection. If the dog has any white fur that is affected, the skin will be very pink. It is a shame vets misdiagnose like they do, and when they do diagnose correctly, it costs an arm and a leg, when you can DIY for about $10.00 in laundry detergent and hydrogen peroxide.

    Be sure you use Boraxo and NOT BORIC ACID. It is a powdered soap in the laundry section of stores.

    • I have read from all the comments how to mix and apply, but I did not read anywhere if the solutions has to be rinsed after a period of time or should the solution stay on the skin untill it is reapplied. How many times a week it the solutions has to be applied. I too have spent too much $$ on all kinds of products and non have shown improvements, Thanks for your info.

      • Apply once a week, let air dry, do not rinse off. Repeat as often as necessary. I bathe my dogs first, then apply the solution. You should see improvement even after the first application. Depending on how bad your dog is, just repeat the process once a week until you are satisfied that the problem is taken care of.

    • It’s 20 Mule Team Borax. You can buy it at Walmart

    • Wrong wrong wrong. Boric acid is used topically for skin infections, it is in most eyewashes, it is toxic the way table salt is toxic. Im not saying you should use this on your dog, I don’t think you should, but the active ingredient is the same, and the toxicology of boric acid vs borax is almost the same.

  29. Does this work on sarcoptic mange?

  30. I am also trying this solution on my 4lb.chi and need to know if it has to be rinsed off after a certain amount of hours. I am praying it works on her because she is in bad shape at the moment. Vet has her on the ivermectin and antibiotic and gave me the amitraz dip for her but I refuse to use the dip. It smells like gasoline!

    • No-do not rinse. Bathe again in a week and do the same. After it has dried you can apply some oil to moisturize. I use olive oil with neem oil mixed in. Neem helps to soothe and heal the skin.

    • I also have a 5 month old Chihuahua who was born with this but did not appear until he was 4 months old. Our Vet first misdiagnosed him. He put him on a medicine that did nothing until we took him back 2 weeks later when he was losing his hair. He looked awful. then the vet put us on Inveticin which caused convulsions we took him off that after first treatment. then the vet put him on interceptor. My other chi was on this once per month the vet wanted us to use this on our 1lb puppy chi 1/2 tablet every day for two months. I was not good with this., I feared to much medicine for him. I finally went and found this site and wow. I was scared to use this seeing that he was totally bald now and looked so bad. but i figured it couldn’t hurt. I put the mixture on him last night and immediately we saw bumps come alive on his little body then go red.. especially feet areas. I was scared but soon the bumps stopped appearing and slowly they got less red. We put veg oil to sooth the skin and he seems great. was concerned about the licking so we put a towel over after it dried. My question is how do you do the face and mouth,. I also have a question he now seems to have changed his skin color to areas of black, is this normal. ? he is on an antibotic for the infection. he doesn’t smell. he eats great and plays. just alittle worried about the black skin areas.

    • wow your vet gave you the dip to use ,, I wish we had that type of vet in Kentucky..
      I’m a pet groomer and cant get any thing without a very expensive skin scrapping visit to a vet.

  31. WOW! This is Mary see my last post July 4th. I used as recommended left it on my dog for two days and all the sores and rash were gone. I bathed my dog and re applied the solution. It has made a world of differnce. So much better then the last treatment I used ivermectin which caused my dog tempoary blindness…. I intend to continue to use this solution. Thank you

  32. How much water do i use?? i read a cup of Borax, and twice as much water to the hydrogen peroxide…is it suppose to be pasty?? or more liquid like a shampoo consistancy?? My puppy has been itching for days and the antibiotics are not working…poor baby cries every time he itches. I read this article and went right to walmart and bought all the stuff I needed…just need to know how much water…thanks!

    • Depending on the size of your dog is how much of the solution you will want to mix. A samll dog 2 cups water, 1 cup peroxide and as much borax as will dissolve in this. A larger dog, maybe double of everything. The amount of borax is only as much as will dissolve . Once the borax starts settling at the bottom of the dish you are using, it is enough. The mix is NOT pasty, more like a thick soapy liquid, but not as thick as liquid soaps. Still more on the watery side.

  33. 1 part peroxide to 2 parts water. Load up the borax until it all just sits in the bottom and wont dissolve into the mixture. Use a sponge, a wash cloth, anything that will absorb it and then soak it into the dog, obviously its easiest to sqeeze it onto the top of the dog but get the sides and legs really good too. It will feel slimy and slippery when getting it on you. Use a soaked cloth to dab the head and snout, dont get it in the eyes. Once a week for a good 4 weeks. This does have an effect on the dog…mine gets tired and naps everytime afterwards, it can put them into a kind of sedation from what I’ve seen/been told by a good vet. They also say dont put the dog into any stressful situations for the day after you do it. Also I bought a hair dryer and air dry the dog after it sets for 10 min or so. I found that if I just applied it and stuck her outside, there is gnats, mosquitos, flys, dirt, and she did everything possible to keep shaking to dry herself and that didnt allow for the best set in on the skin so keep them in the tub and blow dry nice and easy. It should feel like a chalk powder coat when done. Give it a few weeks, should see results.

  34. could someone please tell me the peroxide is this the same stuff used in hair dyes ? Also will it bleach my dog ??

    • It is the 3% Hydrogen peroxide you can buy at any grocery store for desinfecting wounds. This is further diluted down to 1% by mixing 2 parts water to 1 part peroxyde. Yes, it is the bleach, but veeeeery diluted and won’t hurt your dog. It is just a vessel for the borax to be able to penetrate the skin where it will be effective. A paste or mixture with just water will not penetrate and just sit on top of the skin, rendering it useless. Your pet’s coat might lighten a little, but I’m sure he/she won’t mind compared to the relief he/she will have from the itching. Besides, the coat grows back normally. No permanent side effects, only great relief.

  35. Thankyou so much CHris for your response..As I have very expensive dogs (Dogue De Bordeaux’s) I went with the apple cider vinegar and the Borax instead of the peroxide..I am a little scared to add the peroxide incase it does bleach her hair…I just want to ask a question…My dog has slight missing fur on her face and small patches on her tummy..I did have her locked up in an old chook pen that was no longer in use for about 4 weeks as she came on heat and I did not want her mating with my male….I am thinking she got this from the chook pen…Chooks get mites and maybe she picked it up from the pen..I can’t see any crawling on her which the chook type mights you can see…I am wondering if this is from the pen as she was fine before she went in…It is so heart breaking when your pet get sick or hurt 😦

    • Well, I had to do a little research and found that chook or poultry mites (kind of like fleas) can live for more than 6 months without feeding, They can even lie dormant for years. So it’s a great possibility that this is what has been ailing your baby. Unlike the mange mites though, these only come to feed on the blood and do not burrow under the skin, which is good news. You basically would just have to treat topically to help heal the skin. I personally use neem oil mixed with a carrier oil, which I use extra virgin olive oil. Helps to smooth and soothe the skin, while the neem helps the skin to heal, as well as repells. Besides the hairloss in the areas you described, does she have any red bumps on her anywhere? If not, I would venture to guess that you are indeed not dealing with mange mites. Below I have inserted a couple of links on chook mites. Hope this helps.

  36. Does anyone know what happens when it is ingested? I am afraid that my dog will itch by biting himself and ingest the borax that is on his coat.

    • In such a diluted form the chances of your dog having any kind of side effects from licking the solution are slim to none. As with anything, there is always that slim chance of an animal being extra sensitive to something or another. I just read a post on another site about how a lady bathed her 2 10 month old kittens in the solution. They vomited (everything points to cats being more sensitive than dogs), and then they were fine. I personally would rather take my chances with something that occurs in nature, rather than use ivermectin, for instance, which is a pesticide, and gets into the animal’s bloodstream. The list of possible side effects is long. Borax is USED IN products, but in itself not a pesticide.
      “Ingredients: 100% Borax, a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium, boron, oxygen and water. That’s it!

      Chemical Formula: Na2B4O7

      Sodium borate decahydrate,
      Sodium tetraborate decahydrate,
      Sodium biborate,
      Sodium pyroborate

      Description White powder.
      Uses Borax is used in laundry detergents and bleaches. It releases hydrogen peroxide when it reacts with water. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleach, and this action is aided by the alkaline solution also produced by the reaction.
      Borax is a good buffer, helping to keep the acidity or alkalinity of a solution stable.
      The boron (along with the oxygen and salt) in a borax solution helps to disinfect by killing bacteria and fungi.

      I would, however, advise against spoon feeding the stuff.

      • BORAX IS A PEsticide. It is a very very safe, and very effective pesticide. that is why we are using it. Use it to kill ants, bed bugs, mites, etc.

  37. My dog is now being treated for this by oral medication through my vet’s instructions..But I did wash my dog in the Borax and I believe my dogs bald spots didn’t get worst or any better so I would say it put the mange on hault and it worked….I wouold highly recomend using the borax and apple cider vinegar mix..I was too scared to use the peroxide incase it bleached my dog….
    The treatment for mange is like $65 for 5 weeks anyway so I would advise to get oral treatment and wash your dog with the borax also..

  38. I have used many different and expensive treatments from multiple vets for my pitbull over the last 2 years for her demodex mange. I am going to try this bath very soon but I had some questions I am hoping someone can answer for me. First, we recently moved and for the first time ever, she has fleas. Does anyone know if this will kill the fleas too or if I’m going to have to buy something else to rid her of that? Also, I have oatmeal/flea shampoo and was wondering if I can use that on her after this mixture has dried a few days later to soothe the skin and to get rid of the fleas if in fact, it won’t kill the fleas? Otherwise, what else can I use to soothe her skin after the baths give her irritated skin? I don’t have much money so something cheap is necessary. I just can’t stand to see my beautiful Lily like this anymore!

    • I always bathe my dogs BEFORE using the solution. So use that shampoo you have. As far as fleas, I use the original formulation (the blue one) of dawn dish detergent. It will kill the fleas on contact, no kidding. I have been using it for a long time and after doing some research (someone had said it was too harsh) learned that it is VERY compatible with a dog’s skin ph in diluted form. How I use it: I use 1/3 water (I let a bar of neem soap dissolve in this water), 1/3 distilled white vinegar, and the last third is dawn and neem oil. What you can do is add about a tablespoon of dawn to the shampoo you have. You definitely want to get them fleas dead before you do anything. But you also need to treat your home indoors and out and the bedding etc. to keep from getting an infestation. Fleas exist topical (on the skin), where’s the mange mites burrow under the skin, which is why they’re so hard to get rid of. You leave the borax solution on and do NOT wash it off until you get ready to treat again. First the bath, then the solution. What the solution (primarily the borax, which is a naturally occurring mineral composed of sodium (salt), boron, oxygen and water) does is dehydrate the mites. The peroxide is used as a carrier for the borax to be able to penetrate the skin and get to them. The borax alone can not get under the skin. The water just dilutes everything to make the whole thing safe. I have some fish, and there I have also learned that using epsom salt baths will dehydrate fungus and bacteria and fall right offf the fish. Yes it is somewhat stressfull, but the fish recovers and the pest is gone. I can literally see the stuff flaking off them. Hmmmm, wonder how epsom salt could be applied here (if at all), but that’s more research. Now for combating the drying skin effect, I use a mixture of olive oil, aloe vera and neem oil to rub my babies down 2 or 3 days after the treatment. Even just oil is fine. The oil also helps to smother the mites, but will make the dog feel more comfy, the skin feel softer. Hope this helps and I wish you an Lily all the best and a speedy recovery.

      • On the topic of using Dawn Liquid for dogs / cats – IT IS SAFE FOR CATS! I’ve bred Mains Coon Cats for years and I can tell you the secret to getting the coats of these long haired cats CLEAN for a show is DAWN – original, non-concentrated, blue Dawn.
        Most cat breeders use it to strip the oils and build up from the coat. I use it on all my animals and it’s a dream.
        Dawn kills any fleas on contact and you will have VERY clean babies.
        Just be sure to rinse it completely. If you think you’ve rinsed enough, do it one more time. The dog or cat’s coat really should squeak when you run your hands down it.
        If the pet has sensitive skin I’d use a conditioner after or a leave in spray before you dry them as it can over dry the skin – it strips the oils out.

      • I have a long hair Lhasapoo oh dear the brushing is hard enough each day with the knots. If I leave this on her with out combing her. I will have a bad knot of a dog!


  39. borax and h2o2 almost killed my pitbul. I would strongly oppose this treatment.

    • Since there was no reply to Laura’s post I suspect that treatment most likely was not done properly. You don’t just throw something like that out there and leave it hanging like that. A lot of people make up their own thing, use it once, don’t get any results (duh) and than hollor it don’t work, or use something incorrectly and then hollor it nearly killed my pet. Ayesha said “borax and h2o2 almost killed my pitbul”. Well if she just used those 2, she might have made a paste of peroxide and borax, maybe thinking more is better. And the dog might have licked that paste, in which case I wouldn’t be surprised if the dog indeed got very ill. Our bodies need sun to be healthy, but we all know what happens if we overdo it. Tell us your story Ayesha!!!

  40. Ayesha, what exactly happened to your dog? What were her/his symptoms? I have bee a vet tech for over 30 years and NEVER heard of such a thing when used properly according to the correct formula. I do know that is a dog has a heavy mite load, they will sometimes become very agitated and appear to be trying to jump out of their skin – this is due to the mites migrating as they are dying off. In that event, we always give the dogs Tramadol to sedate them until the agitation wears off, which is usually in 24 hours. I am very interested in hearing what happened to your dog because I am always concerned for our clients’ beloved furry friends and that the treatments we recommend are not harmful.

  41. Ok after my pug had puppies she started loosing hair. The vet said it was hormones from having the puppies. But it got worse. Terrible as a matter of fact. She didnt have much hair left. I took her to the vet 2 different times and they did 3 different skin scrappings and said they couldnt see anything. And told me to wait it out. Well it didnt get better so we took her again they said it’s probably an allergy but I INSISTED that wasnt it because she has been eating the same food for years and now is suddenly having problems. So they told me they’d give me treatment for mange to see if it helped. Ivermectin and 2 oral pills. It cleared it up and her hair grew back in. But less than a month later it showed again I took her and got MORE meds. Again it cleared it up but about 2 weeks later she started scabbing and loosing hair again. So I started seaching the internet for help as not only am I not rich to afford all the vet bills but I know that much medication cant be good for her. I found this site applied it last week and again today. I also foiund something that said to bathe them in Selsun Blue shampoo as there is something in it that helps kill the mites. So hopefully with the selsun blue and the Borax solution it will cure it and she wont need to continue possibly harmful medications. I noticed she is not itching as much now but havent seen any hair growth. I have high hopes. My question is how long do I keep this up? Every week for the rest of her life?

    • Just do it regularly once a week. Just like us humans, every dog reacts differently, and it also depends on how bad the infestation is. I rub my babies down with a mix of olive oil (you can even use baby oil), aloe vera and neem oil after a couple of days to relieve the drying effect. Neem oil also helps with the critters. Don’t give up, in time it will help.

  42. When mixing the Borax, Water, and Hydrogen peroxide how much of each, without percentages. Can you give me Ounce or Cup measurements for each. I need to know if it should be a paste or water based? Any additional information would be greatly appreciated and needed ASAP! Thanks so much 🙂

    • You use twice the amount of water as peroxide. 1 cup peroxide-2 cups water, 2 cps peroxide, 4 cups water etc. Depending how large a dog you have. This is to dilute the usually 3% peroxide you buy at the store. Into that you add borax, first 1 tablespoon, mix it until it’s all dissolved. Then add another, and so on, until you can see that the borax settles in the bottom of the water peroxide solution and does not dissolve anymore. That means the liquid portion is saturated, meaning it can no longer dissolve any more borax, it just falls to the bottom of the bowl. This is how you want to use it. It’s not a paste at all but still very liquid. And it’s not an exact science, so don’t worry, as long as it is still liquid you’re ok.

  43. I’m going to try this tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  44. So is the measurement 1 cup of Borax and add 48 OZes of hydrogen-peroxide to the borax in a cup then bath your dog with it without drying him off? I’m confused on how much of each to use per bath. Thanks!

  45. P.S. my dog is small about 50lbs. Is there 1% peroxide out there?

    • That is the reason you have to dilute the peroxide with water. And you don’t bathe the dog in this, you bathe before applying the solution. If your dog is small it can’t be 50 lbs. Did you mean to say 5? In any case. Here it is one more time:
      Whatever amount of peroxide you use, the water you mix it with is always double. Then you add borax by the tablespoon, one at a time and make sure to let it dissolve each time. When it no longer dissolves (settles at the bottom), you have added enough borax. This solution should be still watery, not pasty. Use a sponge or a rag to apply this on your dog’s body. Be very careful around the face. Let air dry and do not rinse or wash off until you get ready to re-apply about a week later if necessary.

  46. No, I meant 50lbs-so medium size. We just weighed him at the vet. He’s a black lab mix. So how much peroxide etc for a 50 lbs dog. This is him:

    He’s very puppy like still. Less than a year old but muscular and fast.

    • How precious. Very nice video. He’s just a bit less than my dogs, so for one treatment I would suggest mixing 2 cups water, 1 cup peroxide, and then of course the borax. This should be enough. You should always prepare the solution fresh when you need it. If you find you need more or less, just adjust the amount next time, but always keeping the ratio 1 part peroxide-2 parts water, and as much peroxide as the liquid will dissolve. May also suggest doing some research into nutritional needs and how to boost your dog’s immune system. The best treatment in my opinion is always prevention. The better the dog’s immune system, the better he can deal with not only mange but other situations. Take care!!!

  47. Thanks so much. Well we just got back from the vet and they say he doesn’t have skin mites or scabies so he may have a food allergy. They shaved a little part of his butt so he’s not happy 😦

    Thanks for all your help–Glad you liked the video 😉 Guess we’ll get him something for his hotspots.


  48. You are quite welcome. But please heed my suggestion about nutrition and your dog’s immune system. Hot spots can become very serious. Do your homework, educate yourself. Your dog is too young to be getting started with this already. Wishing you both well!!!

    • Hi Miss Chris.
      You’ve been so helpful here.
      I have a question for you. Do you know of any good websites that explain good nutrition for dogs? I have all my pets eating Iams. Is this good? Where do you buy your herbs for your dogs?
      Thank you so much

      • Hi Randy-I apologize for my tardiness, but have been rather busy as of late. As to your questions, I have this pdf file downloaded that gives very good basic info on what to feed your pets. You can access this file on my website at I don’t know if html code is allowed and if this works, but if it doesn’, here is the link again plain Personally I believe that any processed pet foods lack in proper nutrition that our animals need. To me, kibble to a pet is like junk food to me. Yes, we get full, and yes we suffer in the long run. That goes hand in hand since all processed foods lose the good stuff we all need in the processing. So, be it a so called better brand or a cheapo, the end result is the same, since they all have to be subjected to intense heat. Anywho :-), Look at the ingredients, and what you see first on the list, is what the kibble contains most. The 2nd item on the list will be the next lower amount of ingredient, and so on. The first thing you will see about meat will most likely be meat by products. Just google this and find out what that actually means (yuck). Hence, any kind of kibble to me is a no no.
        On my site you will also find a couple of links to the site where I puchase my herbs (More Than Alive). The folks running the site are a christian couple. They offer lots of info, not just products. They are very helpful, and last but definitely not least, I have found them to be on the lower end of pricing, even compared with so called bulk stores, and I periodically do price comparisons. I suspect they do get a lot of repeat business, since they also have very good ratings from customers. I have been purchasing from them for over 2 years now.
        Of course there are many websites out there (and blogs) talking about home made pet food, and some controversy as well. You will have to use your common sense, good judgement, and of course your computer to do a lot of research. I know this is a bit off topic, but does tie into why our pets ail to begin with. If you have more questions, please feel free to email me via my website.

  49. A lot of people mention using Neem Oil to treat your dogs. How much should I use?
    And what should I mix it with… aloe vera, baby oil, olive oil?
    It would really help me out if anyone has a recipe or rule of thumb to apply this stuff. I’m completely unfamiliar with it.
    Thank you.

    • Neem oil needs to be mixed with a carrier oil, any oil will do. I personally use virgin olive oil, and aloe vera gel when I have some. I also add it to the homemade shampoo I use for my dogs, as well as my own shampoo (fixin to go no poo here shortly though). As far as ratio, it’s not an exact science, but to give you and idea, I would say about a tablespoon full to a 16oz bottle. I apply this a day or 2 after treatment with the borax solution. If any of my dogs have a small spot (2 of them tend to get dry areas on the chest and under the neck) I apply this as well. I have also applied it pure to a small hot spot. If you do this, watch for signs of irritation, every dog will react differently. Mine have never reacted adversely, but I don’t do this as a general rule. When they start biting on a particular area but nothing is there, I apply neem oil pure just to that area and that usually settles the matter (onset of a hot spot). Below I have provided a link for you to get started learning about neem oil. Happy reading!!!

  50. About 1-2 months ago, my 3 yr old Chinese Shar-Pei had a spot in the middle of his side, that looked like a welt, about the size of a nickel. At first I thought it was probably from a sting or insect bite. Eventually the hair fell out so he had a small round bald spot. The spot began to enlarge though so I thought maybe it was ringworm and treated it with a diluted bleach solution. But the spot keeps growing and is no longer round. The hair is growning back in on the original bald but he keeps getting slightly crusty areas around the perimeter and more hair falls out. My microscope is packed away where I don’t have access to it at the moment but I’m wondering if he may have sarcoptic mange? I’ve tried some anti fungal creams which seem to help slightly, but don’t really cure the problem. The spot is now more square in shape and is about 4″X4″. He doesn’t have any other skin issues anywhere else on his body and our other dog doesn’t seem to be affected by the samde condition so not real sure on it being mange. The area does seem to itch slightly, but not to the point that it is really bothering him 99% of the time. I’m thinking of getting some borax today and trying it to see if it clears it up. We had a rescue St. Bernard last year that had severe mange and the borax treatments did wonderful on him. Any input on my Shar-Pei’s condition and possible treatment would be appreciated. Thanks! Peiable 🙂

    • Sounds to me to be a so called hot spot, which is acute moist dermatitis. “Hotspots can be caused by an allergy, usually to fleabites. Other causes of hot spots include arthritis, poor grooming, mange, ear infections, anal gland problems, and burrs or seeds becoming embedded in the fur. Hot spots can quickly grow in size. Most of the injury is from the dog licking. The more the dog licks, the bigger the affected area becomes”.
      Read more: What Is a Hot Spot on a Dog? |

      Since the dog licking and biting the spot will cause it to get worse, my logical mind tells me to relieve the irritation first, so they won’t bother the spot and allow it to heal. The borax solution may do the trick since it helps to dry the area and also provides relief from itching. I treat my dogs with bentonite clay and neem oil. Since the area is usually moist, I sprinkle some bentonite clay powder over it, which soaks up the moisture. Since the clay becomes active when moist, this will also start the healing process. The itch relief is almost instant, which I have experienced myself. It will also relief pain associated with their licking and biting the spot. If the area is dry, a patch of hydrated clay will also help to heal the spot and keep it from getting worse. The area covered should be larger than the spot itself. If the spot is small I also apply pure neem oil, which usually does the trick. For larger areas I use a carrier oil (usually olive oil) to mix with the neem oil and apply. Neem has many healing properties and it also helps to keep the skin hydrated if borax is used.
      I personally stay away from any kind of drugs, as these will only treat the symptoms and further compromise an immune system that is already not able to cope with whatever underlying cause there is for the hot spot. There may be dietary issues. Anything you can do to boost yout pet’s immune system will help it to combat underlying issues and be healthier in the long run. The topical treatments will offer relief and speed external healing.

  51. Yes I use neem oil for small areas and neem mixed with a carrier oil for larger areas. I also add a few drops of tea tree oil when I have some. Also very good to re-moisturize the skin after the borax treatment.

  52. Hi,
    I came across this site and decided to do the treatment on my Chocolate lab. When I mixed the solution it was more pasty than watery so apparently I mixed it wrong 😦 however with her getting very agitated and wanting to get out of the bathtub I just put the patsy mixture on her anyway, immediately I have noticed that she has stopped itching. So my question is will this still work? If I leave it on her for a week and then mix the solution the right way next time, Also I read somewhere that adding 1/8 of a teaspoon to her drinking water will kill mange from the inside out but I have not done that yet because I’m not sure it would be safe. We got her from my husbands best friend who was deployed to Iraq and had no where else for her to go, I have grown very fond of her and it upsets me that she has to go through this. She is shedding badly but still has a pretty thick coat but I did notice that she has a few spots the back of her neck that seem to be bleeding (they look like sores) Could this be dog scabies and if so will this treatment work and is my family safe to be around her?

  53. Dog Scabies is the sarcoptic mange. This is the kind that can transfer to other animals. The other mange (demotectic) will not transfer. These mites cannot live on a human skin, so even if someone catches one they might get a little bump at best. Since you used more like a paste the first time, you may want to give a bath and re-treat sooner than 1 week. Being pasty will prohibit good absorbtion into the skin. So wait 3 or 4 days, then do it again. You may also want to apply some oil after another couple days to re-moisturize the skin. Is the dog scratching the sores, or do they seem to bother her? If her hair is coming out it most likely is mange. The sores and bleeding usually occur from excessive licking, biting and scratching, so to provide relief is very important.

  54. Well I hate to say it but if the 2 sores are itching her then she cant reach them to scratch as they are on the back of her neck. I am going to repeat this bath in a couple of days but I must say she looks alot better today. I’ll keep you posted on the end results! Thanks so much for all you do on these forums being a pet owner is like being a mother, I have children and she worries me as much as they do!

  55. You are quite right penny, our pets are like our children and if you think about it, they depend on us as much as our children. These creatures cannot help themselves and rely totally on us to keep them healthy. Wishing you much success and all the best to your family!!

  56. I have given Maggie two treatments and her rash has gone down considerably. I am treating her every four days.

    I am cleaning her bedding and the area she stays in. I expect most of the mange to be gone with the next two treatments.

    This has worked very well since Maggie is a Border Collie.

    • The best, safe non toxic way to cure mange or scabies is the alcapulko leaves it sooths to the skin and kill mites it also mosturize the skin. Crash the leaves directly to the affected skin.
      For more information about alcapulko leaves search it on google. It is proven effective.

  57. Took my dog to the vet since she had been scratching & biting. The web of her paws very red, some tiny red spots on her tummy. She is a 9 pound miniature poodle. The vet said a 7 year old dog would be very rare if it were mites & said it was a food allergy. He gave a shot of antibiotics, pills for 10 days & a bill of $150.
    I changed her food & the problem is worse now.
    After reading the many posts here, I am convinced it is demodex mites. This is the first time she has ever had anything like this. Lots of dogs & cats on all sides plus an open green belt going down a steep hill behind us. I bathe her in dr bronner liquid peppermint soap. That seems to soothe her skin, within a day or two she is back to scratching and biting. I spray her 3 times a day with a mixture of water & tea tree oil, that has helped the redness on her tummy.
    I spray her bedding with windex as ammonia will kill them. I do this 3 times a day & the last application 3 hours before she goes to bed.
    I am going to try the borax/hydrogen peroxide/water this weekend as I cannot afford another vet bill. I called them, they want another office visit, a skin scrapping, and more medications at $165. I cannot afford that & I do not want to take the chance of her dropping mites off in my car & finding their way onto myself. A friend of mine said she had a problem a few yeas back & used a diluted 50/50 spray of water & plain listerine as the mites hate menthol. She also had mites on herself & would feel the mites jump off her after she sprayed herself in the shower & would leave on for 15 minutes especially on her scalp. It does burn after awhile, she would use a magazine to fan her face to let up on the burn. She would then rinse off. She would do this at bedtime so she could get a good night’s sleep as these mites seem to come alive at nighttime.
    I will report back after I try borax.

  58. Thank you so much, Miss Chriss. The diet seems expensive and alot of work, but very doable, and seems very healthy for my pets. Thanks again.

    • You are quite welcome Randy. It is healthy, and a bit more work than just filling a bowl with kibble. As far as the expense, I have never really tried to figure out if I’m spending so much more than what I spent on kibble and supplements, but over all I don’t think I spent so much more than before, because supplements for 7 60lbs+ dogs can really run into some huge money. Time spent is well worth it, and while I prepare they all sit and watch and wait in anticipation. I spend about 1 hour each day on their “veggie meal” at noon, and about 20 minutes at night after work to pass out their meat meal. For just one or two dogs, and especially for smaller dogs, a lot can be prepared ahead of time and frozen. I felt overwhelmed at the endeavor at first, but now we have a routine down and it’s just part of everyday life. Thanks for the interest and I wish you and yours all the best.

  59. We’ll My dog was a rescue pup we got him about 9 months ago. He seemed very healthy, no skin issues About 3 months after we got him his skin seemed to be darkening, but in blotches kinda like a cow’s spots…now this was on his belly and legs, areas were there was little fur…but it was spreading…had him to the vet and he said it was normal pigmentation… didn’t seem like it but he was the expert. So after 3 more months he developed a lump on his leg…doc said it was a wart? So I asked him please look at his skin its now black and he has lost a considerable amount of fur on his legs and neck and ears…..he says…he has mange…must have gotten it from a fox…we live in a almost city area and in a very populated neighborhood… as for a fox I think its pretty rare. So he proceeds to treat for mange, and retreat and retreat…he never once tells me what the injections are, but after the first treatment he seems to be itching less it lasts about 2 weeks and then his skin starts to flare up bright red and he’s itching like crazy….He has bright red blotches all over. I have tried this remedy once so far and have not seen much difference, actually he has more red blotches beginning on his feet and his ears are really inflamed. He is starting to get the cow blotches again on his belly area. Does this indeed seem to be mange.
    Now the vet never told me how/if I am to treat my home….I initially washed all my family’s bed clothes (yes he sleeps with all of us at some point in the night doing his bed rounds) I washed all of our couch cushion covers and also the carpeting….is this something I need to do each week? I’m not sure if he just is getting reinfectected after the bath.
    I am going to try another Perx./Borax treatment today…my 60lb lab/pit mix hates water and its a effort to lift him into the bathtub and keep him there. He is miserable and is itching constantly.
    Can someone one offer advice on if I’m reinfecting him?

    • Oh, I should mention, he has been on a diet of Blue buffalo basic since when all the skin discolorations began, we were told it may be some kind of food allergy at the pet store we use… didn’t seem to make much difference though…he has been on same food for 6 months now.

    • I don’t think you are re-infecting your dog. What may be happening is that the mites become VERY active after the treatment, trying to get away, so it may seem worse at first, but it WILL get better. Considering that your poor baby has been pumped full of crap by the vet which did nothing ultimately except intensify the problem by compromising the immune system, making it even harder for your dog to deal with the infestation. Be consistent with your treatments and make sure to apply something to help soothe the skin, which becomes very dry after the treatment. I would suggest getting some bentonite clay and giving it your your dogto help get all the chemicals out of his system. I would also supplement with herbs as natural antibiotics for secondary infections and to help re-build the immune system. If you don’t want to use herbs directly, there are good natural pre-mixed supplements you can puchase, but they will not be cheap. Just don’t give up and don’t reach for that pill just because it’s easier. Chemical meds suppress symptoms. When it ears off, the symptoms, how else could it be, return, because this is the natural process for the body to signal that something is wrong. And they usually seem to come back with a vengeance. Why? Well, you actually have done nothing to treat the problem, just the sysmptoms, so the problem has had all this time, while the symptoms were gone, and you thought things were getting better, to actually get worse. It’s a devil’s circle. So give it some time, and help your pet heal naturally.

      • Thanks Chris! I have bathed him once per week with the borax perox mix. His hair seems to be comming back on his hind legs but his ears are still bald…poor thing looks like dobey from Hairt Potter. His skin is still black and blotchy on his belly and inner thighs and he is itching. I do have an appointment with another vet just to check on his sores it is so strange they seem to just come and go all in a matter of hours. I do know the treatment is working as his ears were almost completly black on the inside they are a nice healthy pink inside. He’s still itching but slow and steady wins the race I’m hopeing!

  60. Since the peroxide will bleach the fur how much vinegar should i use? one whole bottle and equal part water or the same at peraxide should i use 2 equal parts water?

    i have a boxer/mix puppy probably about 2 months old. and he has it very bad on his forehead/head area and he keeps scratching at it so its bleeding and everything now. im desperatley trying to figure out how to do this without bleaching his fur because i really dont want to do that.

    any help would be great!

  61. I wouldn’t worry so much about bleaching the dogs hair, since your pup seems to have this really bad. I’d be more concerned with healing him. Go with the peroxide, because peroxide is what makes the borax penetrate into the pores and skin. I think you should look up ivermectin and use that on your pup, once every 5 to 7 days for about 6 weeks. the dosage is 200 micrograms per kilogram of body weight, or 1 cc for every 100 pounds for body weight. or a half of cc for a 50 pound dog. ivermectin is like a miracle drug when killing mites. works on both demodex and sarcoptic mange mites. if you are not familiar with ivermectin, speak with your vet about it. i ordered mine from jeffers livestock, the one made by merial. Even though it is an injectible drug, it can be given to the pet orally. Farmers know about this med, as it is used in killing many parasites on animals. parasites can become expensive to treat and if you learn how to use the ivermectin, you can affect a cure in your pet.
    i’m not sure about the vinegar, but with the peroxide, it is one part peroxide and 2 parts water, so, i would go with one part vinegar and 2 parts water.
    some dogs, like collies, cannot use ivermectin because of a genetic defect where the med crosses the blood brain barrier, and cannot escape. You can always have the vet do a test to determine if your dog is one of these breeds. Most pets do fine on ivermection, you just have to ensure that the dosage is correct.

    • I have to agree. Who cares about bleached hair when the itch goes away. But ivermectin for a 2 month old pup????? He barely has an immune system to speak of and you want to go and destroy what little he has develped in his short life? That is probably the reason he has the problem to begin with because his little immune system souldn’t deal with it. Please Please Please!!! DO NOT go that route. Do your research on the toxicity and side effects of this drug.

      • Miss Chris, the website that you linked to is full of advertisements and links not even associated to dog health. The article that you referred to quotes no outside goernmental or university research regarding this. Ivermectin does not cause brain damage. In some breeds, there is a possibility of toxicity issues, due to the dog’s genetic defect, and not being able to tolerate ivermectin. But, most dogs can and do tolerate ivermectin. But, yes, you are correct, I didn’t even see where the poster stated that the dog was “about” 8 weeks old. Also, I would have to question putting a borax solution on a puppy, too, due to toxicity issues, also. But, once the pup gains pounds and weight, I don’t see a problem with administering ivermectin at the dosage and time periods I quoted. First and foremost, the pup should be looked at by a caring and qualified vet and then determine what route to go. I honestly don’t think a vet will go with the hydrogen peroxide borax route; but, if asked, may go with the ivermectin route. Much better than toxic Amitraz dipping, right? yes, building the puppies immunity is very important here, but I would have to question both of these treatments on a pup. Why not bath the pup in warm water with a benzyl peroxide shampoo and looking into building the dog’s immunity?

      • Borox is GRAS. Ivermectin is a known neurotoxin. You do the math.

    • We adopted a puppy with some small reddened area on her face for which we took her to the vet and this is what happens not even a week later- My sweet 4 month old 11 lb. yellow lab mix was put on oral ivermectin and on the 6th day (dosage increases each day) she woke up a blind, barely able to walk uncoordinated scared little pup. I ran her to the vet immediately who said the dose was too high and he’d scale her back to a lower dose. How can I continue giving her this after seeing that. It was horrible!
      I will try anything to rid her of Demodectic mange holistically.
      I purchased Nu Stock as she now has bald red elbows and neck. I have read that it helps heal the skin but perhaps not kill mites as effectively as Ted’s mite bath. Has anyone used both of these methods?

  62. What do you do for a Border Collie if you cannot use ivermectin?

    I have been usimg borax with peroxide and is has helped but just does not get rid of the mites completely.

    She still has the bad smell so I need to use something else in addition.

    Any recommendations?

    • I have a 1 y.o. Border/Aussie with demodectic mange. Due to the MDR1 mutation found in herding dogs mine is not a candidate for Ivermectin either. You can get info on having your dog tested for it here:
      Our vet prescribed antibiotics because he says the danger is from a secondary infection, and Mitaban/Amitraz dip. Which is smelly, toxic (don’t touch it or breathe it but by all means soak your dog in it!), expensive($45 per dip), and it was recommended to do 2 dips, 2 weeks apart, get a new scraping done, repeating estimated at 7 or 8 dips with scrapings($30) every 2 dips. Which is why I am opting for the Borax & peroxide – today was the first treatment. If that doesn’t work I will be joining Vince in buying the last of the Promeris on Amazon!. I have also heard it is quite effective for mange. I will repost results.

    • Maybe you just haven’t been at it long enough. How many treatments have you given your dog? How often do you treat? What else are you using for the skin? What do you use for bathing? All these things need to be considered.

    • in regards to the bad smell you are referring to…it’s like a secondary skin infection so maybe worthwhile taking your pup to the vet. Typically, in cases of demodectic mange, the mites live inside the follicles…and when they die and\or give off waste, it can give rise to a skin infection. If it’s mild, cleaning the area with a hydrogen peroxide solution can help until it resolves itself…but if it’s more pronounce, antibiotics are needed.

      BTW — sometimes lemon juice and witchhazel are good for spot treating. (fair warning, if the skin smells from an infection…it’ll smell even worse while went with lemon juice). The idea is to keep the skin dry…in which case, it’s not as favorable of a condition for the mites. It has worked in the past for my rottie… just takes a while and can be labor intensive depending on how many spots you need to treat. Hope this helps.

      • Regarding the bad smell, it is usually a yeast infection, accompanied by moisture/oozing. I keep bentonite clay powder in an old spice shaker and use that to sprinkle on them to dry the skin. Also when they lick or chew, here I come with my little shaker and cover the spot. The effect is almost instantaneous. They stop chewing and licking (which wouldn’t be bad because the clay is good for them) and seem to be much more peaceful after. I did that when I had eczema so bad on my arms the skin was constantly oozing. The clay REALLY helped.

  63. My 14 year-old rottie has had reoccurring mange outbreak for years; so I have become an somewhat of an expert in the topic (even have a microscope to do skin scrapings)…so thought I would share what I have come across.

    Ivermectin used to work but as my pup has gotten older, it started to given him neurological symptoms so we stopped using it. Luckily, there is a new topical medication now available — it’s called Promeris. It’s primarily a flea\tick treatment that also is effective on demodex mites (cause of mange). After about 3 dosages (once per month), the problem goes away. As a preventative, we continue giving him promeris as his month flea treatment. (You can find this on Amazon, if your vet doesn’t carry it).

    As a fair warning — it has a really strong herbaceous odor for a few days when applied. Best to do it outside the home and let it dry before letting your pup back into the house. (the smell is a really strong fennel \ lemongrass meets eucalyptus kinda odor). Hope this helps.

    • Sorry folks — please disregard my earlier post. Just as I was about to order another supply, I found out the manufacturer is pulling the drug. 😦 now, I need to find another solution myself.

  64. Thank you for your reply. I am taking my border collie to the vet this morning as it seems her condition is miserable to say the least.

    I will post back what the vet says and does to help her.

  65. I will immediately grasp your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you have any? Please permit me understand so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

    • When you write a post there are 2 blocks at the bottom of the window where you type, to the left of the “Post Comment” button. All you have to do is check the desired one or both. There is also an option given in any email, in case you received one after you made your post. The home page also offers the rss choice. Don’t know if it works but you can certainly try.

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  68. Will Anything Happend If I Put Any Of These Decisions
    The Mange Seems Too Be Around His Fadce Only
    Under His Lips & Forhead Also A Llittle Down His Neck ?
    Please Respond !:(

    • What will happen is that it will dry the skin, making it inhabitable for the mites. Just dab the solution on the affected areas-be VERY careful around the eyes.

  69. It?s really a cool and helpful piece of info. I?m glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  70. Update,
    I am still spraying ammonia on the bedding of my miniature poodle.
    bought some shampoo off the net that supposedly kills demodex. It does provide immediate relief as it takes away the biting scratching, chewing for a couple days. Have to keep on doing it as they lay so many eggs. Her ears look a lot better. She never lost any hair. Icannot shave her as it is too cold at night. The web of her paws are still red, not crusty like before, her tummy still has red spots. I make a diluted mixture with this new shampoo with warm water, spray her tummy & allow it to absorb and air dry.
    My poodle likes garlic cloves. I slice up perhaps 2 or 3 garlic cloves per day like thin wafers & she eats them all. I hear mites do not like the taste of garlic, apple cider vinegar or MSM powder to name a few things. I appreciate all the support and sharing on here

    • Warning!!! Garlic and onion are toxic ( even in powder form). Always check food and commercial treats- some have added these ingredients as flavorings). Yeah, garlic and onion are great for humans but not dogs.

    • ammonia is highly toxic as well. Borax is safe and effective. Why use ammonia. We used to keep a bottle of ammonia around to kill poisonous snakes that get near the house. Dump some on them, and they die, apparently quite painfully. I don’t think this is good for bedding that your dog sleeps on and licks at.

  71. Well, for many,many years my lab/retriever mix has had itchy skin w/ hot spots……as she has gotten older it has worsened. What started as a bare spot on hind quarter has evolved into hardly any fur on her behind, legs, chest and so on…. Recently started around eyes, now bare there… I started searching and found you site…as yet another trip to the vet would mean no groceries for my kids this month! Economy stinks!!!!! Used the borax/peroxide solution just as you described and what a change…..she is not licking, itching or scratching. Seems infected skin after two days is sluffing off and I see hope for fresh new healthy skin….dog greeted us at the door after school yesterday and my kids were so happy. She has not done this for sometime as she was so stressed with itching….. Doing treatment every two days now, then will switch to once weekly. Then once every two weeks, then once a month until cured!!!! Patiently waiting for our new fur to begin growing… Thank you for your recipe as I fear we would have lost our best friend.

  72. are there any side effects? i have a 4&1/2 mth old blue amstaff he has sarcoptic mange we have just done the borax/peroxide bath the itching seems to have almost diminished in 2 hours but he seems really lethargic is this ok?? we have mopped the whole house with the mixture and bought him a new bed we have confined him to the living / dining area with us and have kept close watch he hasnt been licking or anything but like i said seems very dopey

    • Maybe he’s just enjoying the relief, finally being able to rest. One of my dogs licks every and anything I put on him. The worst side effect has been him vomiting (which is a good thing) twice after a lengthy licking session. You would only have to worry if the vomiting persits. As was in Charlie’s case, he vomited twice, had it out of his system and all’s good.


  74. I have 2 staffys. of which only one has demodectic mange (the pure bred and has from birth) we cannot believe how successful the borax and hydrogen peroxide mix has been – hair growing back, the mite hives gone or shrinking, Ted from Bangkok you are a hero!

  75. I have began treatment today
    I will keep a detailed account of the process

  76. Could someone tell me the measurements in cups/tablespoons?? I have 3% peroxide solution so how many cups of water & peroxide and how many tablespoons of borax?

  77. Hi, first question is, is this treatment safe for a 6 wk old pup? Next, can dogs be carriers of mange without ever getting it, or can it live in,your home dormant for months? We brought home 3 different pups on the same day about 4 months ago. 2 were from the same litter. My littlest was a heeler mix (she was from a litter of 13) and very tiny, the other 2 are fiestmix sisters. we fought withwhat appeared to be mange after she was with us about a wk. we did borax treatments twice weekly for about 2 wks. She appeared better, but still died. The sisters had a few scaly spots and got weak, but then bounced right back! At the same time, 2 of my daughters and my husband (all of which wld sleep wth her) wound up with rash like itchy bumps on their belly and side where she had slept.

    • Penny-I have tried time and time again to post this, but it never shows. So i am going to try again in several smaller parts. Here goes nothing:

      I would say yes, you can treat your 6 week old pup, but I would put less borax in the solution because of the drying effect and the tender skin of such a young pup.

  78. When I took them to the dr, they of course tested them for scabies…. It was negative and they said it didnt look or spread like scabies. After Moxie died, everyone cleared up. My fiest had a pup 6 wks ago and the pup now is starting to get those same bumps. My oldest daughter has some again too…..any ideas?

    • The first part is still not showing so here goes the other half-maybe it will show up later————————————-
      “Mange mites are difficult to confirm even with a skin scraping. Mites show up in only about fifty percent of the skin scrape tests”
      Read more: How Often Should You Skin Scrape for Mange? |
      Considering the 50/50 hit and miss of skin scraping, I feel pretty certain that you are dealing with sarcoptic mange and should begin treatment right away before it spreads. As I mentioned above, make the solution weaker (less borax than prescribed), and I would take a rag, dip in the solution, then gently massage into the pup’s skin. After the solution dries, rub some olive oil on the pup. If you have some tea tree oil or neem oil, add a few drops of either to the olive oil. I would repeat this every 3-4 days initially. Hope things clear up fast for all of you.

    • ivermectin is the key to this. check out the ivermectin thread. both pets and humans can take ivermectin. it has cured many of this plague. it is a tenacious form of sarcoptic mange.

  79. Food Grade DE is having an impact on the mites affecting my miniature poodle & also myself, I apply it all over her at bedtime……rarely see her scratch or bite anymore. It takes a good 72 hours to see results. You can also give it to your dog internally in her food. I searched for it at 6 stores including Home Depot, Lowe’s , Walmart, Armstrong Nursery, Ace Hardware & Petco & none of them carried it. Then on my 7th store, I found it.
    The dosage depends on the weight of the dog. Humans can also take it. It looks like flour. You can add it to tomato juice, orange juice or water. I started it a week ago & am finding dead mites in my bed.
    All of my mite bites have been on my legs, arms and rear end. They are also in my anus & seem to love biting me at bedtime….send a shock wave of pain through my whole body. With latex gloves on, I insert vaseline into my anus to smother the critters, then add lavender oil & diluted tea tree oil, this stops them in their tracks so I can sleep at night.
    ACV is also helpful. However, man oh man does it burn the anus opening. Mites hate ACV & menthol.
    I no longer feel them crawling on my scalp as I dust the base of my pillow every night.
    I will keep you posted on my progress.

    • That is quite interesting Mark. I keep DE and use it for internal parasites as well as external, but I didn’t think that it would have any effect on the mites since they are microscopic and burrow INTO the skin. If you can see them, maybe it’s not mites you are dealing with. (?)

      • yep, DE will kill anything with an exoskeleton. I don’t know about getting it into the skin, but DE is made of dead single celled organisms, so a mite is giant compared to a fossilized diatom. Also, they can sometimes be seen with the naked eye, often only a magnifying glass is needed.

    • By the way-I forgot to mentioln I get my DE at a local feed store. It is food grade as well.

  80. How do you know if the Borax and peroxide is working? Will the spots get dry and flaky?

    • The best way to tell that it is working is if your dog won’t bite and scratch anymore.Yes the skin will get dry and flaky. Nothing a little olive oil won’t remedy.

  81. So Today My Sister Said My puppy Might Have Mange. I Feel So Terrible Cause I See My puppy Scratching Under His Arms And His Ears And At The Same Time He Cries. I feel We Should Take Him To The Vet But My Mom Says Its Alot Of Money. I Want My Little Puppy To Be Healthy. I Dont Understand Mange Cause Im ONLY twelve And Ive Created This Unbreakable Bond With My 5Month Old Puppy. I Dont Know How I would Feel Without Him Cause Hes The Excitement To My Life. I Want To Use ThIs Home Remedy But Does It Truly Work. I Dont Want To Put My Puppy IN danger.

    • When a dog scratches a lot that doesn’t always mean he has mange mites. He could have fleas. Have you checked for that? You can see them (little dark specks crawling on your dog’s skin). This treatment really does work and is not dangerous for your pup. But try giving him a bath and if he doesn’t scratch for a while he probaqbly has fleas. Then you will have to treat for that, otherwise you get them everywhere in your house.
      I will try to explain to you about mites. They are tiny little bugs (so tiny you can’t see them unless you put them under a microscope) that dig a tunnel in the skin, kinda like a gopher digs a tunnel in the ground, where they live. That’s also where they eat, so they bite in the skin, and when they do that, they spit on where they bite so it turns to liquid. And that spit is what makes the dog itch. Then when the dog scratches he hurts the skin even more and it can get infected, sometimes real bad. So the only thing you can do is try to kill the mites and that is what the borax solution does.
      Maybe you can understand it better now, but you should still try to find out for sure if it is mites or fleas.

  82. So are you saying to use 1 cup of borax a bottle of peroxide and 2 cups of water????

    • “A small dog 2 cups water, 1 cup peroxide
      and as much borax as will dissolve in this. A larger dog, maybe double of everything. The amount of borax is only as much as will dissolve . Once the borax starts settling at the bottom of the dish you are using, it is enough. The mix is NOT pasty, more like a thick soap. Still more on the watery side.”

  83. After researching, I believe our new rescue dog has sarcoptic mites. We have 3 other dogs, one of which has just started itching. I have developed a rash as of 4 days ago.

    Questions please:

    1. I plan to treat our rescue dog tomorrow with the borax wash. Is it prudent to simply bathe our other dogs with a tea tree wash or do we need to borax them as well? Again, just the one started itching a wee bit 2 days ago.

    2. What is the best way to cleanse the home? Borax spray? Ammonia? Cycle Block?


    • Sarcoptic mange is highly contageous, and the rash you have is probably the mites as well, since they can be transferred to humans. I would only treat the one dog in the areas where he is scratching (for now). Tee trea will help as a repellant if the wash is strong enough. I don’t know what cyclke block is. I would never use ammonia around my animals. Borax spray leaves residue. If you have carpet, sprinkle some diatomaceous earth (DE) into the carpet, let sit a couple of days then vacuum thoroughly, and often. I use white distilled vinegar afterwards, which all critters hate and it will freshen your carpet at the same time. Mop bare floors with hot water and vinegar. Change out bedding at least once a week and wash in hot water. I also add the vinegar to the wash. Spray upholstery, carpet, pet bedding, and your own bed with the vinegar daily (mixed half and half with water).. The mites have a 3 to 4 week life cycle. They lay eggs and die. The eggs develp into mites in 3 weeks, lay eggs, then die. So it is important not to wait too long in between treatments to catch all the live ones and not give them a chance to lay more eggs. Wishing you well…

  84. I am SO optimistic after reading these posts. We have a new little baby who has demodectic mites (confirmed via a scraping at the vet). She has the prettiest little blue eyes, white face, etc and it quickly became apparent that something was wrong because her skin was so pink around her muzzle on one side, and there were spots about the size of a pencil eraser where there was no fur and which were very red on her chin and throat from itching. I’ve been really discouraged because it really seems to me like this essentially cannot be cured but rather just sort of staved off over and over again. I suspect that this little girl has a suppressed immune system which might plague us for life with her. She ended up in the doggie e/r a week after we adopted her and turned out she had pneumonia and I recall now (after doing all this research on these darned mites) that the vet found it interesting that her white count was not elevated. He said that means that she either cannot fight the infection or has used up her white blood cells trying to fight it. I now suspect that the first of these is/was probably the case and it’s probably why she is unable to keep these mites at bay. I didn’t think anything of that observation until I learned that these mites plague dogs with suppressed immune systems. She is now 8 months old and other than these mites very happy and healthy appearing. I just tried some of this mixture on the affected area. I was pleasantly surprised at how pain free the process was. She didn’t mind it at all and isn’t scratching or carrying on or anything. I put a dab on my own face first to see what she could expect. Just a little tingling and a little tightness. No big deal. So – I’m going to be trying this, and we’re also looking into some supplements and herbal means of boosting her little immune system. I’m so hopeful that it works because I have this terrible fear of ending up with this miserable, hairless, sore covered girl who we will end up putting down in 6 months or a year, and we will be devastated and heart broken. The articles about this condition are not uplifting at all, and the methods for treating it are not optimal for us as she is a herding breed mix (e.g. no Ivermectin !) and the dips seem not only toxic but not terribly effective…AND they are costly. The vet doesn’t really want to do anything about it until or unless it gets “much worse” because she feels that she will get this under control herself. Well I’m not waiting for that to happen. I want this fixed…now, before she opens up sores and we have a real problem. I will post back with the results keeping in mind that we are also incorporating vitamins and immune boosting supps.

    • Glad to hear you’re taking your baby’s care into your own hands. The reason chemicals don’t work is because the critters have the amazing ability to adjust and form new strains. That’s mother nature for ya. On the other hand, I recently learned that the reason these pests can’t do the same with natural treatments is, because the active ingredients in any natural product vary from batch to batch, so it is never exactly the same, unlike in the chemical crap (scuse my french but I get angry when I think about this endless money making and killing machine), that does little more than make a sick animal sicker for the most part. Everything chemical we give them destroys their immune system a bit more each time. The de-wormer, the vaccines, the monthly preventative, we shove it down their throat on a regular basis and then we wonder why they get sick. The mange is really not a disease that needs to be cured. But when they find a host with a weak immune system, they thrive and get out of hand. So it is imperative to keep a dog healthy, support the immune system, feed a PROPER diet. And yes, the supplements are a very good idea to help get the gut back in order. In the mean time, the borax treatment will help keep the critters from spreading. Certain Essential oils are also helpful in killing the mites, their eggs and larvae (as I recently learned), and I plan to start a new thread about it, because it has made a world of difference for my affected dogs. Combined with a carrier oil (I use extra virgin olive oil), it also helps re-moisturize the dry skin and repell mites and other critters. Never let it get out of control because it can get real ugly. One of mine has had it so bad he was skin and bones for a while. But Sammie is a fighter and we are on the road to recovery. I hope to be able to get that other thread started on essential oils, so please look for it. Best wishes for you and your baby!!!

  85. I used this on my dog & she did not go bald, she got real relief & did not scratch the rest of the evening or night The peroxide did bleach her hair. A small price to pay for a good night sleep for my miniature poodle. I repeated it 3 days later a couple more times. I had her shaved down for the summer as the mites hate sunlight. I powdered her down with DE aka diamataceous earth (food grade only) at bedtime as well as her bedding & found dead mites in her bedding the next day.

    • Good job Mike. The DE is always a good idea, but what you found in the bedding were most likely fleas, because the mites are microscopic and almost clear on top of that, so they can’t be seen with the naked eye. So keep a check on other kritters, like fleas…

    • my dog is still bald, as a matter of fact she grey now… i haven’t used the mix in a few weeks, she is still scatching a little but act a little more like her self she’s just funny looking

      • It maybe helpful to treat just where your dog scratches. If her new hair is coming in grey, I guess she might just be getting a bit older. My 2 girls’ hair started coming in with a bit of gray. They are 10+, so that might be the reason. But don’t wait until it gets worse, nip it in the butt with spot treatments.

  86. Wow, great info here!

    I’ve doing research like you wouldn’t believe. My husband and I just got back from a little hiatus abroad, and a dear friend cared for our 10 yr old Lab/Pittie Mix while we were away. Unfortunately, while we were away, our dog developed major skin issues, and after a couple rounds of antibiotics, nothing has helped.

    Now that we are back, she has been on a regular treatment of weekly baths (shampoo combined with Mr. Bronner’s Tea Tree bar soap), as well as vinegar ‘sponge baths’ for the spots on her skin that are really bad…it helped some, but her skin problems are not completely gone.

    After doing much research online, I have a feeling that she has mites (she had ear mites as a puppy and olive oil worked wonders). It sounds like our dog sitter’s dog may have developed some skin problems, as well, and it sounds like it may have come from the grass or carpet. Our dog did come home with some fleas, and she is now on Frontline.

    I’d like to try the borax/hydrogen peroxide treatment. I am also going to try and up her immunity by supplementing her food with omega fatty acids, grapefruit seed extract, and appple cider vinegar.

    I think that my baby girl had gone through some stress while her pack was gone, so that may have contributed to her skin problems…wish us luck! I’ll try to remember to report back with results!!

  87. Thank you so much. I was actually linked to this page from a Facebook friends reccomendations. My pug started loosing her hair I spent hundreds at the vet and they had no idea. They said she had no mange mites after 2 trips and 4 skin scrappings. They said if it didnt clear up with antibiotics to come back and they’d start her on a dip. Well I found this and did it once a week for a month and wow. The scabs were gone the redness is gone and her hair all came back. That was over a year ago. Now she has a flare up when she has puppies (we have bred her twice) and she flares up and as soon as I notice I start this treatment and it works miracles. Thank you so much!!

  88. Ok MY DOGS CONDITION HAD ME STRESSED OUT!!!!! Ithch, chew, ithch, scabs TERRIBLE odor, AND DANG NEAR CHEWED OFF HIS FEET!! His knuckles and pad on one foot was so bad he wouldnt let it touch the ground. So at first i thought this was all due to fleas. so for a couple of weel his condition did not improve. Then I researched the “TERRIBLE SMELL” and thought it was a shin yeast infection….nope. condition worsened!!! Took to the VET and they (A-holes) gave him a steriod which puts mange into OVERDRIVE or it did in our case anyway. So I WAS AT MY END!! So I decided to use the Borax treatment. Well in two day he was running on all four paws barking and playing and he is almost completly recovered!!! I was doing the treatment EVERY OTHER DAY due to the fact that i could no longer wathce him suffer and it paid off one thousand percent!!! I called a pet raidio station and talked to “warren” a national pet show to ask about this treatment. he would not answer. liaibilty i guess, he kept saying go to the Vet go to the Vet go to the Vet. I told him i did and they made it WORSE!!!!!!!!! He never did give me any feedback so thats why I’m Typing my story for the next stressed out folks! THIS HAS BEEN THE REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT DELAY OR WORRY ABOUT THE PEROXIDE! Feel free to email me if your stressin like i was:

    • That smell is demodex mites, and the borax and hydrogen peroxide cure was made specifically for your mites. I’m glad you were able to help your dog and you feel better. Keep us updated, okay?

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  90. I have a bull terrier that i got from a breeder and noticed she had scabs on her face but thought it was from playing with her siblings but after a few weeks it got worse and her hair started falling off. After taking her to the vet I ended up spending hundreds of dollars on the dip and pills and a collar but after two weeks it looked worse, more of her hair was falling off and now her skin gets red every now and then. So i decided to do some research and found this site so i bought the borax and peroxide and did the first treatment today. Im hoping hoping hoping it works!!

  91. I have used this home made remedy on my dogs and ready to use it on my other dog. They seem to lose their hair on their lower backs and itch and scratch it raw. This mixture cured them. Thanks to all 🙂

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  94. I noticed a couple days ago that our Mollie was losing hair around her eyes and the hair on her ears is thinning. She doesn’t have any redness or sores/scabs as mentioned throughout these other posts but she does scratch her self a bit. After researching online I figured she too must have a problem with mites because of the lose of hair and itching. Can a dog have mites without these other symptoms (redness, scabs)?

    Mollie is 18 months old, she is our little angel sent from heaven above. My two little boys and I are very concerned, we love her so much and we don’t want to see anything wrong with her. Mollie is a Coton de Tulear and has beautiful long white hair and she is only 6 lbs. She is such a tiny, dainty girl who is loving and full of energy and so when considering any type of treatment I am cautious due to her size.

    I thought I should mention that we recently brought home a new puppy, a MalChi who is almost four months old and weighs 2 lbs. Baby Gracie seems to be scratching too but she doesn’t have any of these issues or fleas.

    About two weeks ago I took them both to the vet for their checkup and vaccinations. They were perfectly fine. Can hair loss occur from vaccinations? Mollie had her vaccination/shots last year and she did not experience anything like this.

    Yesterday I gave them both a bath and used Dermabenss shampoo. Later in the evening I put some tea tree oil around Mollie’s eyes and ears. It seems like every option of care states to keep away from eyes, but that is exactly where her problem is. How can I treat her if I need to stay away from the area??

    Along with the Dermabenss shampoo I also ordered Goodwinol, I read good reviews and I was wondering if anyone else used these products.

    With my baby girls being so tiny (6lbs. and 2 lbs.) can I use this hydrogen peroxide/borax/water treatment?

    Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks much

    • I have found in my research that the Dermadex mites LOVE anything with oil, that’s what they feed on, hense the woodinol… so I have avoided it. I did use Woodwinol, but it did not work, its an insectiside in an oil base. They set home in the dog’s oil glands, so ANYTHING that has oil in it will FEED the mites. It works temporarily then it gets worse. You are right to be careful with her being so small… mine are about 11 lbs. Please DO your research. I have full faith that the Borax/Peroxide treatment is a good option, just tried it on my Italian Greyhound, but you have to take her size into consideration. The main sing to consider it is that you must reinforce the dogs immune system or the mite CAN came back. Look up the natural immune boosters. Good luck!!

  95. I recently tried this for my 7m old pup with demodectic mange. I didnt have the money for the ivermectin shots so this was suggested by the vet. I was skeptical but after only 2 dips (along with antibiotics and prednisone) she is almost completly healed and her fur is growing in nicely. The mites took over her body so fast that she was bleeding everywhere and was covered from head to toes in bumps and lost alot of her fur. Now she looks almost new again. 🙂

  96. Has anyone told their vet about this treatment/success? What was their response? We have a 3 year old Forgo with Demo Mange….ongoing nightmare. About to try Borax/Peroxide. Curious to hear what vet says. Love my dog but cant afford doc anymore.

  97. Autocorrect aaagggh. CORGI

  98. Thanks Mercy Martin I appreciate it! I had no idea that mites love oil. Seems like there is so much information out there that conflicts with one another.

  99. help….my 3 year old jack russell has been licking and biting the tops of her paws so much they look red, inflamed and a couple of the nails look like there is blood at the base of nail, but confined ( base area where the vein starts only ) no blood escaping.

    i have read it could be allergy, or even those mites ( starts with a D ) no other areas, not bottoms of paws, just tops and around nail bed.

    should i use the hydro and borax on her paws….she will lick it off, so any advice please.

  100. Hi there,

    Is the Borax mixture safe to use on a 3 month old puppy who is half starved (ie: hardly any fat or muscle on her body)? We brought her home from the Dominican as the vet told us it was a reaction to her flea infestation and turns out is Sarcoptic mange (the vet saw the mites). I have 2 dogs and 2 kids and need to treat this successfully ASAP. What should be used on humans to get rid of any possible mites?

    Thank you

  101. How much does the dog weigh? If the puppy is half starved then you would need to get the dog up to health, by feeding very good food to the puppy. Look on the ingredients of the dog food. The very first ingredient should say some sort of meat, like chicken, not chicken by product, stay away from corn and stuff like that in the ingredients. You can feed with meat and bones (only raw) to the pup to build its immunity, too. A good vitamin for the pup, too. I would build it up and bath it with a good benzyl peroxide shampoo. then, when it gets healthier you can give it ivermectin or you can do the borax baths, too. but I think the borax baths/hydrogen peroxide baths are for dogs with demodex mange more so than sarcoptic mange. The vet has a med you can give the dog twice a month, called selamectin. Revolution/selemectin is used to treat sarcoptic mange, but sometimes it doesn’t work. It is a spot on you put between the shoulder blades. sometimes selamectin doesn’t work, though. You cannot give a collie ivermectin or any hearding breed dog. The vet should have advised you at the time of examination in which direction to take with this dog. As far as treating your family for scabies, go to the doctor and get permethrin cream (Elimite). When you say that the vet saw the mites, I want you to know that you cannot see sarcoptic mites with the naked eye. The vet usually does a scraping and looks at the debris under the microscope and then determines which type of mite the dog has, either sarcoptic mites or demodex mites.

  102. Hi there,

    She is 12 lbs, and has gained some weight in the last week. The vet did do a scraping and confirmed the presence of Sarcoptic mange. He gave me Revolution for her and my other 2 dogs, which we started yesterday. He didn’t seem overly concerned with contagion. She was also held by several people who have since asked if they and their pets need to be treated (there would have been about 6 hours before they left for home from the office). I had been bathing her with a shampoo that the vet in the Dominican gave me (they did not tell me it could be mange) and had done so several times once she was brought home. My husband now has a rash in the back of his knees and I was wondering if the Borax/peroxide is safe to use on him until he can get in to see the doctor?

    • yes, your husband can use the borax/peroxide baths. You can also get a wash cloth and apply the mixture to the cloth and apply the cloth to the active area and leave it there for a while. You can spray rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide on this area also, and rub rub it, to kill the mites and remove any surface mites. Tell your hubby to ask the doctor for both permethrin and ivermectin/stromectol tablets and ensure he gets enough for his weight. and ask for two refills of both the Elimite permethrin cream and the stromectol tablets, as these meds to do not kill the eggs, so you would need to do the treatment every 7 days for about a month, to ensure all life stages are killed. environmental cleaning is essential, bedding, etc.
      These are just some things I learned along with way, and you should always consult a qualified physcian or dematologist.

      • Thank you so much! He just soaked in the Borax/H2o2 and will apply the rubbing alcohol to the area. He’ll see his doctor tomorrow.

  103. The ivermectin can be given orally to the dog, but in small dosages, like if the dog only weighs 10 pounds, you would only give it ONE TENTH OF A MILLILITER.. If the dog weighs 20 pounds you would give it two tenths of a milliliter, in the roof of his mouth. If the dog weighs 30 pounds, you give it three tenths of a milliliter. The syringes are usually 3 milliliters, so imagine the small dosage here. If the dog is heavy and weighs 60 pounds, you give it a little over a half of a milliliter. The ivermectin is called Ivomec 1% made by Merial.. Collies cannot take ivermectin because it crosses the blood-brain barrier of these dogs. But, always check with the vet first and let them determine what exactly is going on with the dog. Do your research before you do anything to your dog. Ivomec 1% injectible is made for cattle so you have to be careful with the dosage. If the dog weighs 40 pounds, it would get about one half of a milliliter, or one half of a cc. You will need to buy some cheap needles and syringes to withdraw the med from the ivomec bottle. Always use clean needles or use rubbing alcohol on the needle so you don’t contaminate the med in the bottle. Remove the needle and squirt the med on the top of their mouths. The vet can do a test to determine if this animal has the genetic defect that the pet cannot take ivermectin, as collies and hearding breed dogs cannot takeivermectin due to the blood-brain barrier issue. Some pet owners worm their dogs once a month or once every two months with Ivomec 1%, as it kills roundworms andother worms, but it doesn’t kill tapeworm. It kills heartworms. Of course, you would need to consult with a vet, because if a dog already has heartworms, the ivermectin can kill the dog, so always insure you speak with a vet first and have the dog examined and have a good consult with the vet. For sarcoptic mange, you give the med once a week for about 6 weeks, to clear the mange up. Do not bath the dog 24 hours prior to administering the med and for 24 hours after administering the med.

    I am not a vet, and these are just some things I have learned along the way. So, please talk to a vet and do your research before you do anything to your pet.

    The dog needs a good coat to fight mites. Mites like dry skin, and you really need to have the skin oily, so that the meds can work with the natural oils in the skin.

    The borax/hydrogen peroxide baths turned my black dog red, and it didn’t work very well, but you may have better luck with it.

    For demodex mites, you need to bath the dog with a good benzyl peroxide shampoo with warm warm water, not cold, but warm and work the work through the hair follicles. Use a little tea tree oil on his paws, too.

    Feed well, REALLY WELL. Give the dog a multiple vitamin. A few sardines is good too. Do research on the raw food diet and look for nutrition for dogs.. very important when the dog has demodex mites, because it is a sign that there is an immunity problem going on with the dog.

    • How is it we keep getting back to ivermectin?????????????Anyone-please do your research on this poison. While it helps short term, to me that will never be a choice because of the long term effects. That’s why this thread exists, and it IS called “Borax with Hydrogen Peroxide for Mange”. It works, short AND long term, is not toxic (would you rub an insecticide on your skin or even worse, ingest it to kill critters?), don’t cost an arm and a leg. I can tell that a lot folks don’t read posts from the beginning. You missed the one where a guy fed his dog ivermectin and had to stop due to neurological issues caused by ivermectin. He started with the borax solution treatment and found it helped his dog, but the neurological damage done may not be reversible, Could have been prevented intirely by NOT feeding pesticide to begin with. Randy—there is a separate thread for this choice of treatment. Please post there for ivermectin treatment-this is for borax/peroxide treatment.

      • Hi I just rescued a 9 month old Husky that has a severe case of demodex mange. The rescue place has her on Ivermectin pretty high dose from what I’m reading. She’s been on it for two weeks. I’m applying the Borax. I’m doing this via a wash cloth because she just got spayed and can’t have a bath as of yet. My question is when can I stop giving her the Ivermectin? I don’t want anything to harm her system. I am also giving her a skin supplement (Omega Oils, Vitamin E) everyday. Thank you.

  104. Hello! I have 3 dogs, one which is a beach dog rescue (and the source of the Sarcoptic Mange). All 3 dogs are now exhibiting sypmtoms, and all are being treated with Revolution and the Borax/H2O2 baths.

    Would it be advisable to keep them apart or can they all be quarantined together in the same room now that they all clearly have the same problem? I have 2 kids so I’d like to keep them away from them at least, but space is somewhat limited.

    • I think mange is made out to be much more scary than it actually is. I’ve been through it just once before and after the initial panic set in then I followed this treatment religiously and cured my animals after a month. I’ve noticed a reappearance and so I’m back googling for the ratios and found your post. From one mum to another I can opnly advise to think of it like your kids getting nits and while that’s nasty it’s quick and easy to get a grip of if you do it right.

      I’ve two dogs and two cats yet only one of each species ever gets affected. I also have two kids and apart from my daughter getting a few tiny…and I mean TINY…little red marks on her arm from carrying the cat around BEFORE he was treated then neither child has ever shown any signs of being “infested”.

      I rubbed baby oil into the marks overnight which smothered the buggers and the skin healed within 48 hours with just an application of yer bog standard nappy cream from the pound shop.

      My animals are usually allowed on a designated sofa and find their way onto beds when everyone’s asleep so hoovering and changing bedding regularly is a must in our house anyway so as long as you keep an eye on where they’ve been you can easily keep on top of it.

      Once you’ve started treatment then it’s under control so immediate and never-ending reinfestation is unlikely if you continue the treatment and do it regularly for at least a month. I wouldn’t quarantine the dogs I’d just reduce their contact with the kids and keep them off the furniture. I’d also allow them to mix and share the misery (bless) dogs are social animals and it’s not worth the anxiety for them, frankly. I’d just look out for signs it’s not going away and maybe thenm think about seperating them but not until. Again, if you do the treatment right then that’s unlikely.

      Probably teaching grandma how to suck eggs here but I’d ensure the kids wash their hands after any prolonged contact with the animals and definitely before eating. More so because any treatment might irritate their skin than because they might “catch” the mites.

      Follow the treatment, take your basic hygiene up a notch and (in my opinion anyway) then your normal routine doesn’t really need to change much at all.

      Just use your common sense, really, and good luck. 🙂

    • I would keep them together, and treat them together. If you keep them kinda controlled in certain areas it will be easier to maintain everything.

  105. My dog was loosing hair on his legs and under his upper body. I used a borax bath once a week for a month. My pure breed boxer looks like he never even had mites! I was really afraid to use such a crazy sounding concoction on my dog but I followed directions religiously and stuck to it. It worked great! I never comment on things but I felt I had to share this because I was in the same position once. I saved probably 200$ on the medicated baths at the vet office. He went for one medicated dip and he seemed very sick and mopey for days after. With the borax bath it was cheap it worked and he acted no differently! So thankful for whoever came up with it! For those who are hesitant dont be!

  106. Hi guys. I have a 5yr old rot who has demodetic mange for 2 years already. I spent money on medicated bath but whenever the climate changes it keeps on coming back. I had him separated from my other dogs (2 GSD and 1 Great Dane). The GSDs seem immune to the mange but my Dane is getting it. My vet bills are higher than what I’m spending on our food. I want to know how to use this Borax + hydrogen peroxide solution. Can you guys help me out? My Rott’s is 70lbs and my dane is 102lbs. How much should I use on them and how often? I kinda dont understand how you mix it with two parts of water etc etc. (pardon my stupidity on these things) If somebody could explain like how much solution or borax powder should I mix on let’s say 10L of water. something like that. HELP ME PLEEEAASSEE!!

    • Hi Kris – How much water you need depends on how much hydrogen peroxide you start off with and the % of it. As far as “the parts” go this is so you can achieve a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide to work with.

      If you have 3% hydrogen peroxide it’s so easy just mix it with twice as much water. So for 200ml of Hydrogen Peroxide at 3% + 400ml of water.

      Add the Borax a tablespoon at a time until it won’t dissolve any more. I walk away and leave mine to settle to be sure it’s finished dissolving properly.

      As far as amounts go then – for example: 200ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide + 400ml of water + 4-5 tablespoons Borax = 600ml of Borax solution. This might be just be enough for one treatment of the smaller of your dogs IF you spray it on.

      I can only get 6% hydrogen peroxide in my local pharmacy so I double up again on the water – so 200ml of 6% Hydrogen Peroxide + 800ml water + 7-8 tablespoons Borax = 1 litre of Borax solution.

      I mix mine up in a measuring jug, fill up a spray bottle for applying it and store the rest in a clean empty milk carton.

      1 litre of Borax solution gives me enough for around three full body soakings worth – sprayed on so little waste – for my 50lb boxer dog.

      I bathe her with dog shampoo, rinse & towel dry then thoroughly soak with Borax solution and leave her for 5 days. To give her skin a break I then rinse it off with warm water and spray soak her bog standard tea tree/neem solution which acts to soothe the skin and works well as a natural flea repellant. Those spray bottles of kids head lice repellant (not the kind that kills them – just repels them) works great in our experience and it’s also cheap.

      I leave her soaked in that for 48 hours then rinse off and repeat the shampoo bath/borax cycle.

      Treat/sooth once a week and her fur starts growing back within a month.

      (The cat is another story in which I sustain injuries)

      Hope that helps as a rough guide 🙂

  107. @Kris I followed the directions – if you have an 8oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide (that would become 1 part) then you add 2 parts water (16oz) Alternatively, if you used 1 cup HP then you would add 2 cups water for a total of 3 parts 3/3.That dilutes the hydrogen peroxide.
    Then, you start mixing in the Borax. At first it all combines but as you put in more and more it sinks to the bottom and won’t combine anymore. That’s where you stop having maxxed out on the mixture. It’s not rocket science and it won’t hurt if you do more or less. I have made it thin and runny to spray from a bottle and I have made it a thick paste and smeared it all over by hand. So much better than the toxic dips and scraping at the vet. It doesn’t matter the size/weight of your dogs. If you don’t make enough to cover then you just make more.
    My Border Collie’s black fur did turn orange but better that than the scabs and sores!

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  109. I have a German Shepherd and he has had mange a couple times now. We have spent allot of money on trying to fix him up and I am happy to say that as of today he is free of that bug. We are still fighting it on his nose and we are putting Vaseline petroleum jelly and it seems to be doing the trick too. I hope that we have him under control as I really don’t want to have to put him down. I am also giving him vitamins such as c e fish oil and garlic pills I am also giving him cooked liver all of which I am trying to build up his immune system but the borax and peroxide really seems to be the right thing to do. Thank you to who ever it was that figured this out. Try it because it works for how long I am not sure but hoping for good.

  110. I have been treating my dog daily with this solution. Almost 3 weeks now…as well as dietary changes. I am seeing no improvements. Time is of the essence as I have been reported for animal cruelty and neglect for lack of veterinary care as I wanted to treat him naturopathically. I have another 3 weeks to get him better. Any advice??? I’m 39 weeks pregnant and super stressed by it all tbh. Thanks!

  111. Just to add:
    He is on a homeopathic healing plan by HEAL WITH EASE.
    A BARF diet with cooked veg.

    Oral Supplements include:
    5 days on 5 days off goldenseal/echinacea in food and topically
    Chelated zinc
    Kyolic garlic 600mg and 1/4 Clive raw garlic in food.
    Probiotic 8 strains
    Omega 3 oils 1000mg daily
    Coconut oil 1teaspoon
    Spirulina 500mg
    Olive oil
    Sulphur x6 2 tabs 3x a day for itching.
    Raw apple cider vinegar teaspoon in food and sprayed on body. 1teaspoon.

    Topically after borax/h2o2…
    Aloe Vera mixed with astragalus, echinacea, goldenseal tincture, lavender, colloidal silver, raspberry leaf tea, ACV.

    As you see. Pretty much every remedy for parasites, fungal and yeast issues. I want to cover all bases.
    Might start wormwood tincture over weekend. For parasites.

    Any other help gratefully received.

  112. hi, this is a great site, i have learned so much by reading all of this. i have a 7 week old toy chihuahua that i have had since he was 3 weeks old. his mother died while having the puppies so he never had mother’s milk. the girl that sold him to me told me he was 6 weeks old. but taking him to the vet the next day proved her wrong. she had also had him on pedigree puppy can food. but i put him back on formally the one with the one ingredient needed from mother’s milk. he weighed 1 lb 5 oz. by the end of his 4th week , i had taken him to the animal er hospital he wasn’t keeping any liquids down. but he was eating his royal caine starter food and but the formula no and no water. well he got a virus from a girlfriend her dogs were sick with the same thing but she didn’t tell me about it. needless to say i had them give him liquids to rehydrate him and they gave him a shot to stop the vomiting and after $400 later took him home. and now at 7 weeks , i noticed his hair had fallen out on his forehead look like in a shape of a V and he had a bunch of bald sports all over. my beautiful little baby was starting to look funny. so i needed to get his first shots and puppy checkup so back to the vet we go. but i brought up my concerns about his hair loss. he isn’t sick from it,. he has lots of energy and being a puppy chewing on everything. so anyways they did the scrapping and came back and told me it was mange but it was demodectic and not scaptic … which the same girlfriend that got him sick from her dogs , her puppy had that scaptic mange so i thought she had given it to him. then they said probably since no mommy milk his system is weak. i have a prescription shampoo and an antibotic liquid that i give him with food twice a day. the bald spots are increasing/ i was suppose to get that invectrin but i’m not going to not…..
    i would like to start him on that borax / peroxide treatment. he is going on 8 weeks old and weighs 2.6 lbs. he does eat well and as you can see his w weight has doubled. can i start him on this treatment and i hate to ask but what proportions of water and peroxide the same 2 to 1?
    thank you
    waiting anxiously for your answer

  113. After nearly 5 weeks of doing all the nutritional supplements and a mixed diet of veg, fruit, efa’s and raw meat/fish. Borax/h202 baths every day/2days. Supplements/parasitical wormer as my previous comment…my soon to be 16 week old puppy’s secondary infection had got so bad I needed to have it controlled as the natural remedies just weren’t having a quick enough effect…and he was actually looking much much worse…so I gave in and took him to the vet yesterday which broke my heart. He is now on antibiotics and advocate dog treatment for parasites. Not sure ill administer the dips I was given. I will wait and see.
    What I don’t understand is why it hasn’t worked as it has for so many others…
    I will continue with Borax/h2o2 washes for another few weeks, just to make sure all mites/eggs have been eradicated.
    Can anyone shed any light on this? I have done/administered EVERYTHING to the letter.
    And also studied the subject in depth. Thanks kindly!

  114. My two dogs are living on premisis which consists of just sand and not a blade of grass/glawn! They have developed either Dermititis or mange,m not sure which! The one is quite bad at the moment! He’s hair is thinning along his spine and bare patches on his legs! Can the sand be causing this??

    • Could be a thyroid problem, cushiness disease. Or poss. Yeast infection. Is there pustules? Oozing lesions?
      Also can you check your spelling on the comment. As I am not sure of the feed your dog is on. Can’t be sand???? 😜

    • Mites are very common on beaches. many types. Chiggers, scabies etc.

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  116. My dog had severe mange. His hair fell out in giant patches along his inside back legs and patches on his sides. He was scratching 24/7 and was bright red. He was covered with bumps. At first I thought it was allergies since he has had them all his life. But this was much worse. He kept biting himself frantically. He’s a bernese mountain dog and has thick beautiful hair so this was distressing to me too! I was a little skeptical about this treatment but I did EXACTLY what it said. I washed him first, then I laid him down on his side on the patio outside and poured it little by little over every area of his body. I put a cone on his head for 2 days then rinsed it off and alternated neem oil and colloidal silver on his red bare skin where the hair fell off. After a week there was NO redness and he was barely scratching. I did it again yesterday to make sure I got every single mite. Here is another plus. We own a carpet cleaning business so my husband cleaned the carpet with HOT Water extraction to make sure all the mites were dead and extracted in the carpet so he wouldn’t get re-infected. Maybe some people are not killing the mites in the carpet and their dogs are getting re-infected. Anyway, it seems to be working very well, which I am super happy about because I don’t like giving my dog drugs and insecticide!

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  119. I have a 2 year old Rottweiler mix who had puppies 8 weeks ago! I have noticed in the last couple weeks or so that her hair at her butt has started to go! She is chewing, and itching like crazy!! I have been told its not mange, maybe just an allergy to fleas! I’m gonna try the borax, peroxide solution to see if it helps! I hope it does! She means everything to my husband and I. Also the puppies we kept hasn’t come down with the hair loss either! I will let y’all know how she is doing!

  120. I just washed him today and he is sleeping like an angel… Do you ned to hear the whole story? Allergies all of his life, skin mostly but nothing like this! In 2 days I must have picked up 3 bags of boxer hair!
    I also gave him a sulphur 200c dose on day one but I was so annoyed with the hair loss and redness that I searched more and found this solution on line. The redness is gone and I will let you know what happens… He stopped itching that much from sulphur day but after the borax/hydrogen bath he seems much more relaxes and I see no more patches coming out… phew…
    I dont know if its mange, but all of our problems started almost 10 years ago when he was treated for mange as a puppy with invermectin etc. No results of course. Poor baby… I dont want to remember. We turned into herbal essences that worked and since then he’s always the sicky one but under control. I cant believe I just found that. And that mange is something that all dogs have but break in low immune system etc… anyway. It surely looks like mange and I wonder why tf doctors cant prescribe a bath instead of those horrible medication when they suspect mange that they cannot find in tests…
    Anyway, fingers crossed…

    • My dog had immediate improvement. I applied it three times in 3 weeks and he looks good now. Hair is back everywhere. If it was mange or not, it s not there any more. How much can I thank people posting these posts…

  121. Once I put this on my dog and let it dry, how long do I leave it on? Until it wears off, or do I rinse it off after a certain amount of time. If I let it wear off, then how soon before I apply lotion?

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  123. So a dog I was watching was dignosted with this. The owner is blaming me but I have looked at my dog and he had fleas so I gave him a bath with dawn dish soap and where he lost hair it grew back and no scabs… Could this be mange? He doesn’t itch it. I would just like some insight before I take him to the vet this pay day

    • Amber, just so you know, stress and anxiety can weaken the dog’s immune system. When the owner was away the dog could have been stressed to the point that the mites take over. It wouldn’t be your fault.

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  125. Hi, You mentioned in your article that you were posting a link for this process. Is the link the “earthclinic” box at the bottom of the last paragraph. Just want to make sue it wasn’t a random advert that was automatically inserted. Thanks—

  126. Are you sure you posted the correct hydrogen peroxide? Should non-toxic food grade hydrogen peroxide (because it doesn’t contain toxic chemical stabilizers) be used in the recipe?

  127. It worked very well on my dog.. 😉

  128. After washing my poor dog with borax and peroxide he’s bleeding and red and his skin looks like sweaty is it supposed to be like that or is he worse

  129. I need to know my dog is pregnant and how get rid of mites her body?

  130. I use this all the time! It was a pain to rinse with the solution, so I just made a paste with the borax and hydrogen peroxide and rubbed it in the areas where it needed to be. For me, it is only the base of the tail. Instantly he stops itching. I don’t rinse off, eventually the borax sloughs off on its own. I do this every day for a few days. He has flare ups about once every six months. I also shave the area where his troubles are.

    • And to follow up……after the treatment is complete, i use bag balm and rub in the areas… softens the scabs and you can use a cat flea comb to comb the scabs out. This is my dogs favorite part…..he loves it.

  131. I run a rescue in Texas and had a lady bring me a dapple weenie/Chihuahua mix with bad flea infesting and mange. I am starting this treatment tonight. Also using baby lotion to heal her skin

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  133. My daughter and I first caught mange from a friends puppy. She got it, then I got it. We are both using 2 cups peroxide and 2 cups 20 muleteam borax in VERY HOT WATER IN A FULL TUB OF WATER. Mites HATE HEAT. WE SOAK 30 minutes and cover entire body. Then we drip dry. Next step is to use vegetable oli, we use olive oil but others work as well. Cover your entire body. Every crack and crevice. We we even put in our hair as well, the same with peroxide and 20 muleteam borax. The oil REALLY GETS THEM. KILLS THEM DEAD. You will experience them begin to fall off your body. Keep it up. Don’t stop. We intend to do this for 2 to 3 weeks twice a day. We also have three dogs we are treating just to make sure. Everyone in our house, every day. We wash and dry all clothes, sheets, pillows.etc every day.
    BLUE LIQUID DAWN HAS ALWAYS KILLED FLEAS ON OUR DOGS. I HAVE NOT TRIED FOR MZNGE YET BUT WILL TRY ON MY TERRIER tomorrow. He loves baths and especially if it’ll get rid of Varmits on him. HIS name is JOSH. Next will be my 80 pound Collie named LILLIE. Gonna be tough getting her in the tub. I am 74 years old and love my dogs. Will do any and everything to keep them well and happy. I sure do hope this will help encourage those out there suffering from these terrible, tiny, unwanted mites.

  134. 02/01/2014 Hi please help me!!!!! I have 5 months old yorkee she is very active eating And playing well but 2 months ago we realise that she has something because she start smelling so bad and start itching and biting herself, i took her to my vet he told me she has a demodex mites, but he told me its not contagious to other dogs or humans please first help me with this ? i need to know more about this if it is contagious or no. didnt get help from wet spent $450.00 so far no results, i tried borax with hydrogen peroxide last week and results are amasing no itching bumps are better no redness, i did one more today i was SHOKED its worst then it was before her skeen is irritated and almost bleeding help me she is so pretty she is my life i cant see her suffers this much i am doing everything for her possible to help her she is my angel HELP ME PLEASE

  135. The Borax solution works wonders but it also dries the skin to the point that the dog will scratch and scratch until they are raw and bleeding. First out a cone on her so she can’t bite and irritate the area even more. Then put olive oil on her skin, it’ll soothe the dry skin. I also gave my Husky Benadryl during this so that she wouldn’t keep scratching. I also gave her a Omega 3&6 w Vitamin E supplement. This helped her heal very fast! I have a page on FB called “For The Love of Lulu” that shows how bad my rescue had demodex mange. She had it so bad her eyes were sealed shut. Hope this helps you and good luck!

    • thanks Venus! for your reply but its not dried its more irritated and spread all over her body it looks like its getting worst i dont know what to do the only thing it helps its neosporin ointment but it helps only for few days any experience with neosporin ? and one more ? how that neem oil works and how often should i apply and is there any neem oil specific for dogs or just one from home depot is fine please answer my ? and i will post more if any changes

      • Hi Jacky, I don’t really know much about Neem oil, but i have heard it works wonders soothing the skin.sorry wish I could help you more. Neosporin is an antibacterial ointment so they could be telling you that she has some sort of infection or fungus. I would look into that. Good luck!

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  137. Wow! That’s great but I am pretty sure no one on this forum needs a spellcaster to rid their pet of mange. Borax and hydrogen peroxide does the job!

  138. Ok I have a three year old pit, and she weighs 64pds. When I moved I couldn’t have her with me, so she stayed at a friends for six months, now during that time she got sarcoptic (spelling is off) mange. We have been treating her with the kennel dip we bought at a cattle store and an oral treatment that cost about sixty bucks. Now all her hair is back but she has two areas where he normally white fur is pink? But all her fur is there. I did find out frontline will prevent any of your other animals from getting mange. But I want to continue treating my dog for at least one more month before I go get a skin scrape done to see if she is cured but I don’t know if I should try this since she has almost all her hair or continue the treatment I have.

  139. I would definitely do it. It’s safer than the chemical dips and a lot cheaper. Even though my Rescue had her fur back in I for good measure gave her a bath with baby shampoo then applied the Borax solution to be sure the mites were ALL gone! Good luck!!

  140. Great news my puppy is doing better now all red spots are gone no more bumpes her hair start growing but i will continue with borax solution and will post again

  141. My Golden had a very bad case of mange. Used the Borax and peroxide treatment for only 3 days and it all scabbed over. I followed that up with olive oil to help with the itching and within 1 week new skin and hair started to grow. He is now a gorgeous mite free big baby. I truly recommend.

  142. Many thanks! Wonderful information.

  143. Can this be used on a mom and her 3 week old puppies

  144. I do not have enough money to take my dog to the vet but she has open sores itching and fleas I googled symptoms of mange and she fits almost all of the symptoms but I’m not 100% sure. Will it hurt my dog if I treat her anyway for and she doesn’t have mange?

  145. Stacey, the mother I would do it but the pups are too young. Mandy, I would first give her some Benadryl for Itching. You can google how much to give her per her weight. I would try the solution on her. It’ll kill the fleas and the mites that cause mange. The solution will dry her skin out and make her itchy so be sure to rub the skin down with olive oilmasitll alleviate the dryness. Good luck!!

    • I am currently using this bath solution on a rescue. Literally. From getting hit by a train in the ghetto. 🙂
      This dog is a teacup pomeranian. Lots of mange. couldn’t figure out why she was crying and so anxious the first night and it turns out that when I went to get her groomed they told me she had a lot of it. I
      used this solution for 1 week and it has improved belief is that she has had this for a while. I believe she may have been used as a breeding dog but maybe it was with another family prior because she is very smart and very people oriented. She had her first good night sleep when I used this treatment.she knows when it’s bath time and she boes her head down but is obedient and coming to get another treatment.I’ve been used accommodation of cedar, rosemary, and peppermint oil to control the topicalparasite. This really gets them. They do not stand a chance if you stay on top of it was this bring back the last row to the dogs coat I melt coconut oil organic and I put it through the dogs for down to the skin. Internally the apple cider vinegar is a good deal but I had not tried the borax..I will say one thing that has not mentioned here frequently. You have got to leave the solution soaking wet on the dod to air dry.and not dry the dog. Or it will not work. I can’t say this enough.if you are tell dry and the dog after this and you’re finding that it is not working quickly or not working at all, it is because of the towel drying …it must air dry without the towel wha soever…the dog should be taken to an area where it can dry off soaking wet each time for results. and the inside of the house must be treated frequently- which has been said…thanks so much!

  146. Hi I was wondering where you picked up the oils? Thank you

  147. First of all WOW , I would recommend this home remedy for all those who might have given up the will to curing your dogs mange , my pet is an 8 month old blacks staffy which suddenly came down with the horrible might at 5 month old , after numerous vet bills and no cure the peroxide & borax bomb has seemed to sort the little buggers out ,I’m planning the follow up scrub in 6 days , I’m one happy dog owner .

  148. Quick question (hopfully someone still checks this site) my 3 1/2 year old black lab/pit bull mix has been developing little red scabs all over his body, not in mass areas, sporadic spots. He also has lost a patch of fur on his tail apron 1 inch long by 1/2 inch wide. He does not scratch or bite, I thought possibly stud tail but he has been fixed since he was a year old. He is currently on a diet of blue buffalo wilderness(salmon) and gets 3 tablespoons of wild salmon oil and 1 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil daily. I have seen the vet and they have given me an antibiotic cream for the spots I’ve used for 3 weeks with no results. Due to financial situations (college student) I could not afford a skin scrape to check if it was mites. Would any of you reccomend this treatment of borax and peroxide? Resarch I have done online his spots looks similar to demodex mites. They are however not only on his jowels or legs. The spots are on the base of his tail, ears top of head and down his back..not completely visible but when I pet him I feel scabs.

  149. Hi Austin, I would definitely try it on him. The solution will make his skin dry and itchy, be sure to rub a soothing lotion/oil on him. For the first week do it twice, then after that once a week. You should see after the first treatment a difference. If you need any assistance with the recipe and ratio of the Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide just let me know. Good luck!

    • I think I would like some clarity for the mixture, he’s 70-80 pounds, if that helps. Is the coconut oil a viable option for soothing or do I need to use jojoba or grapeseed?

  150. FWIW I didn’t use any oil and had great results. They are itchy already so I can’t say the solution makes them itchy. It will lighten the hair if you have a dark colored dog. Weight makes no difference in the mixture, you can soak them in it, spray it on or make a paste for more affected areas. Make sure that the hydrogen peroxide is diluted – start with 1/2c peroxide and mix in 1c water and mix in the borax until it doesn’t stir in anymore(sits on the bottom). You should be good to go.

  151. To help with the itching I gave my dog some Benadryl because you dont want them to scratch at it and get it infected.

  152. i started the borax treatment on my dog on Sunday, doing it every other day. After the first treatment i noticed a big difference!! She was no longer violently scratching and chewing on herself. She would wake us up at night doing it and would cry and moan. She hasn’t done that since her first treatment. Of course she is not cured yet, but that relief she is getting so far is a blessing!!!

  153. Cam anyone tell me what can be yall habe ised for tje lotion after the bath?

  154. It is good to shampoo first with Dawn Dishwashing liquid ( the original blue) and leave this on for 10 minutes then rinse well. Afterwhich immediately use 1/2 cup Borax–2 cups of peroxide and 2 cups of water. Mix well and apply. Leave on to air dry. The dawn dishwashing liquid many times works on its own without the treatment of borax. You will notice the hair growing back within the first week or two.

  155. Hi, my staff puppy, Uno, who is 9 months old, I think has demodex mange, (vet couldn’t100% confirm) I have been using the borax/hydrogen peroxide mix for a few months (as per this website) and I given him fish oils and anti-histamines daily (as per vet) but he is still almost bald after about 3/4 months of thus treatment . Can anybody give me any advice please. Many thanks in advance

  156. i am at m y wits end over my chi dog i dont know which way to turn he is not eating his food which is canned and hard i am going to try giveing him some vanilla yogurt and sarddines and foods like that and see if he will eat it he has been itching and biting his paws and scratching under his belly he cant sxtop today before i found this i dabbed with a cotton ball soaked in straight peroxide all over his red spots where i noticed hes been itching the most and left it in for a while he seemed to go crazy i thought that m aybe it was burning him so i took a rag and wiped over him with cool water and gave him some aspirin and he has calmed down tremendously now i read this and i will try all of these things that i am reDING ABOUT DO YOU THINK I SHOULD RUB A LITTLE VEGETABLE OIL ON HIS SKIN NOW OR JUST WAIT UNTIL I BATHE HIM AND APPLY YOUR SOLUTIN THEN OIL HIM

  157. Greetings! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted
    to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading through your
    articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal
    with the same topics? Appreciate it!

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  159. @nikitanoel, I would be hesitant to use Dawn as well as the Borax treatment as it removes the protective oils that dogs naturally produce that keeps their skin healthy. As others have already posted, the Borax/hydrogen peroxide combo really dries out the dog’s skin and I think using Dawn would just make it worse. Just my opinion.

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  161. After 2 treatments I see a big difference in my dog. Skins pink not bloody and raw.that itching has been cut in half. I’m going to continue treatment til gone. He even wags his tail now.

  162. I used Borax and Hydrogen peroxide on a couple of my dogs and it did the trick. However, a friend told my husband about olive oil; this worked even better. Upon applying the olive oil, the hair and dead skin just literally fell off in your hand as you rubbed it on. This is normal as it is basically cleansing the nasty stuff from the animal’s skin without hurting it. Simply leave the olive oil on there and within hours/days you should see an improvement in skin and coat. The Olive oil acts a as barrier preventing the mange from “breathing” moving around freely. The only thing with this is either you keep your dog coated all the time (for a while to ensure the mange is all eliminated) or you switch after he is better to the borax and H2O2 to prevent further infestation. The olive oil soothes the skin very nicely also. It takes care of the scent the mange produces also.

  163. My boyfriends dog has had a mild case of demodex fr a little while now. We’ve tried expensive shampoos, conditioners, medicines, and everything under the sun from the vet. The FIRST DAY we used this treatment, we noticed a HUGE difference in her appearance already. The dead skin seems to be coming off which is fantastic and she’s barely scratching herself anymore. We just finished her second treatment and her skin went from bright pink to a pale pink after the treatment which I thought was amazing. We’re very happy with this so far and plan to continue through with it until we rid of it but with supplemtal help as well too by orders of our vet. Thanks for the idea!!!

  164. Hi , I wanted to find out how everybody’s dog reacted to the treatment ? I tried this treatment on my tiny chihuahua. I’ve done the treatment twice now. The mixture seems to be working as far as turning the red bumps into a smaller brown bumps they look as though they are shrinking and drying out. My question is , is it normal for the dog to continue to scratch like crazy. She stays up all night scratching has anyone else experience this with your dog after two treatments? Would love to get some feed back. Thanks

  165. Hi the treatment drys the skin out really bad, hence the scratching. You need to put some oil on his skin it’ll help. Also give some Benadryl. This is what I had to do.

  166. The dogs continue to itch due to the die off of mites. Itching will lessen as treatment goes on. Hair will start to grow back as the hair folicle unplugs and the mites start falling out. They look like blackheads and you can pull them out with your fingers. My girl was completely bald and now she has peachfuzz on her belly and the hair on her back is growing in. When I adopted her in October she was bald with a severe skin infection eyes ears infected. Kennelcough and a lot more wrong with her. After 2 courses of antibiotics for her and a 10 day course of antibiotics for my 9 other dogs due to kennel cough. We’re on our way! Don’t give up on your dog. Good luck and waggy tails

  167. I posted yesterday but forgot to put in about coconut oil. I use it both melted in their dog food and on the skin to soften and smother the mites. It works wonderfully for getting the hair to grow back. I also use a product called “sore to sore”. I got it at my naturalpathic chiropractic Dr. You can buy it online for the same price I got from the Dr

  168. This article is in fact a pleasant one it assists new the web people,
    who are wishing for blogging.

  169. I sprayed my dog with the peroxide/Borax solution and she licked it off and threw up. How can I keep this from happening?

  170. Thanks for explaining the mixing ratio’s. Is their any moisturizing lotion that you would recommend?

  171. My staffie which is now two has made a total and full recovery from the dreaded mange took about 5 treatments spread over six weeks .😃😃😃

  172. Hello, I just want to help out some of you with the mange issue..I have an american bulldog and she has been suffering with mange for awhile now. Because I care so much about her health I did this mix and bathe her with it. I purchased on amazon this shampoo —- —- and added a few drops of Creolin which works pretty well for hair growth.. —– —- Creolin works great to grow human hair as well. Just a few drops on your shampoo and it works wonders. Bathe your dog and treat her at least 3 times a week. Also, if you can afford it, you should get air purifiers for your home. The ones with HEPA filters that kill allergens and mites from your house. Based on Consumer Reports these are highly recommended: —–You may have to copy and paste those links into your browser. I purchased 2 of those air purifiers for my 1900 sq ft home and they work pretty good. I hope this helps.

  173. I have a catahoula cur dog, and we believe someone had him, but came back home after several months. He was skinny, but his nails were trimmed. He also was infested with fleas. I have bathed him in acv and dawn dish liquid, and his doesn’t have fleas anymore. He has been home now approximately two months..
    .. but now ive noticed that around his ears, there’s thousands of tiny bumps, and he has been scratching non the point of it being raw. Also his belly has millions of raised bumps. I have googled mange and it looks more like a early stage of S. Mange. I am not quite sure because I don’t have a way to take him to vet. I’m trying to take care of him here at home and have mixed this solution hoping to get rid of it before he gets real bad. He hasnt lost patches of hair or anything like that, but his hair is thinning behind his ears. Can u advise on what you think I should do.

    • Hi the solution will dry the skin out, you need to apply tea tree oil to the skin. It’ll help soothe the skin. Also give him a teaspoon of coconut oil daily this will help his skin to heal. Good luck!!

    My 7 month old pit/lab has demodex and instead of taking her to the vet which i cannot afford i have tried the borax and peroxide solution amd put her on vitmain C vitmains. After her first bath the redness seemed to be less and she wasnt itching as much but after her second bath she is swollen on her neck and down her chest and front legs, the itching doesnt stop and now her appetite has faded. I diluted the peroxide 2=1 and.mkxed the borax like im supposed to but she only seems to be getting worse…. Please if anyone can help me and tell me what to do i would forever be greatful. You see i cannot have kids so she is my kid and i cant see her suffer anymore. Its either she gets better woth this solution or i will be forced to get rid of her to get her the help she needs. Please help me save my baby!!!

    • Read my post on this page if she a small dog you mixing to much . I use the borax and hydrogen once a week I got worst the first week before it get better but you have to do it right it just posted on my .

  175. Major got mange this summer, he’s a blue pit and I was told to expect it. I washed him with Adams flea and tick, then HO/Borax treatment 2 days later wash again with Adams but no borax, treated with a heavy dose of organic coconut oil and aloe mix, 2 days later HO/borax again and 2 days later wash and olive oil, 4 days later borax again and then 4 days later salmon oil treatment. .. (that will never happen again! Gosh my house stunk!) Then again with the borax 4 days later 2 days after that wash and coconut oil. Then all summer he got coconut oil rubs. .. mange showed up in late may/June and took out about a 12 inch long strip along his spine into his tail about 2 inches wide… of course I treated the whole body. His fur was back to normal by mid to late July… and now December it’s back. .. but i caught it early this time he had a small patch about a sq inch at the base of his tail… good thing I checked here… i forgot about the peroxide

  176. Just wanted to share that I’ve used this for about 15 weeks on my dog, after Ivermectin and Advocate did not work. I brought him to a vet 2 weeks ago and the vet gave him the all-clear for dermodex! Also, his bald spots have since grown back!

  177. I used this mix only on my shepherds belly last night to make sure he wouldn’t react but today I used it all over him. The bumps on his belly seem more red today. Is it normal to see more redness at first? He’s still itching like mad. Do they get a bit worse before they get better? Thank you

  178. Hi the skin will get red and itchy as it dries out the pores and kills the mites. Treat his skin with tea tree oil, this will ease the itching. I also gave my Husky some Benadryl to calm the itching. Hope this helps! Good luck!

    • Tea Tree oil is very poisonous for dogs. Do not put it on them or in them either. Colloidal oatmeal baths work wonders for irritated skin.

  179. I am very anxious to try this. Can you provide me with the exact measurements of how much to use? Can I also use this on puppies and small dogs? Thank you very much Joyce

  180. Hi Joyce, 1c up 3% Perovide to 2c water (this will dilute the peroxide to 1%) then add the Borax Laundry Additive little by little until the mixture gets a cloudy appearance and starts to settle at the bottom. Then apply after giving them a bath and let air dry. I used this on a 5 month old puppy. Good luck!

  181. I don’t know what to do o think my dog had mange he only bites he’s two back paws they are very red n getting bloody since he keeps bitting them. He had never done that before. He’s been like this for about two weeks now he doesn’t have any bald spots and he doesn’t scratch n bites he’s paws all day I just don’t know what it could be.

  182. Sounds like an allergy. When it happens to the paws like that the culprit 9 out of 10 times is a food allergy. If not a food allergy then an environmental allergy. Doesn’t sound like mange. Hope this helps.

  183. My dog had mange. I watch and read a few post . I use the borax and hydrogen peroxide. My dog is a small toy her first bath I did the 32oz of water the 16 oz of hydrogen peroxide with 1 cup of borax bath her first then damp dry her and pour the whole mix on her and let her air dry in the tub for an hour. She only had two big ball spot at first . But like they said it will get worst at first. And yes it did she end up with like 15 spot all over her and she looked bad. We left a little mix in the bottle and spray her every two day that first week then we give her 1/2 teaspoon of water with a1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar every day and give the other dog the vinegar to . To keep her from catching it.that first week she looked nasty.on the second week we repeat the same thing but by my dog being small we just did 1/2 of the borax mix by cut every thing in half . The day after that second bath . We started seeing her hair coming back. The day after the third week of bath that next day I only saw a small ball spot and you had to look good to see it . Doing those 3 week her hair was turning white yellow . Now you can see black where her hair growing back. I know one person post said just 3 bath once a week . And I read another one that said 12 in all to make sure they gone. In going to do the 12 to made sure . That a small price to pay to get your dog back right .

  184. I used this a few times on my dog and his skin looked and smelled better.After using 4 times I took him to the vet as it took him too a certain stage and then nothing. His problem is allergies. I have to take him to the vet 3-4 times a year. We go through the whole treatment everytime. If your dog doesn’t improve after several treatments, take them in .Lil Bear is allergic to chicken and he loves cat food. It’s the cat food that does the damage. Loss of hair, scanner sores bleeding etc…

  185. My dog had Mange and hair loss everywhere. I used bravecto and 6 weeks later it all grew back. Then…. Some more patches appeared under his neck and the under arms. Used the recipe above. I’ve done this for the 3rd time today and he’s so red and bumpy under his arms. I feel so sorry for him. He’s wearing a top as he’s clawing at himself. Please tell me this is a good sign and it gets worse before it gets better? I could cry.

    • Hi Lee, Yes it is normal. Try giving him some Benadryl to calm the itching. I also used TEA Tree Oil calm the skin. 9 parts water to one part oil and apply. It’ll soothe his skin. You should only have to do the Borax solution once a week after this initial treatment. Good luck!! It will get better!



      • Tea tree oil is toxic for dogs. Google it this way Ask a vet: Is tea tree oil safe for dogs?

  186. Hi Lee,
    Yes it is normal. Try giving him some Benadryl to calm the itching. I also used TEA Tree Oil calm the skin. 9 parts water to one part oil and apply. It’ll soothe his skin. You should only have to do the Borax solution once a week after this initial treatment. Good luck!! It will get better!


    • Tea tree oil is toxic for dogs. Google it this way, “Ask a vet: Is tea tree oil safe for dogs?”

  187. I put borax white film on my carpet before I go to bed at night and in the morning I wipe my furniture down with a Murphy Oil borax solution then I vacuumed the floor I also use the borax Solution on my tile floor I have never heard of using it directly on the dog but I would definitely will try this

  188. At my wits end now. Have used this recipe 5 times and he looks awful. It’s spreading and he’s so itchy. Back to vets for more chemicals I guess. Wanted to avoid them so much. Can anyone out my mind at rest that it gets so much worse because the mites are dying off? Everyone else seems to say that they get a good result and no itching. 😦

  189. Hi Lee,
    Question…have you had the Mange tested as to what type it is? If it’s Demodex Mange then this solution should help within two weeks. But if it’s Sarcoptic Mange it won’t. I know when my girl had Demodex the solution dried her skin out really badly fornhe first two weeks. I had to put a cone on her for her own protection. I also gave her Benadryl everyday until the dry itchiness subsided. I would suggest soothing your dogs skin with an all natural moisturizer. I personally used TEA tree oil (9 parts water to one part oil) and applied as needed for relief. Hope his helps. Good luck!

    • Tea tree oil is toxic for dogs. Google it this way Ask a vet: Is tea tree oil safe for dogs?

  190. Thank you for your reply. It’s definitely generalised demodex he has. My other dogs are fine too. I’ve been even giving piriton and once solution has air dried I apply coconut oil daily. I make him wear a tshirt as he gets too stressed with a cone and my other dog pulls at it! Have the vets this week as he’s so sore looking. He’s raw fed, on probiotics and immune boosting support too.

  191. Sounds like you are doing everything right and that he’s in his way to a full recovery.

  192. How often do you do this treatment?

  193. I gave up after 6 weeks of twice weekly treatments and no signs of recovery. Had to resort to more bravecto and he’s on the mend again. Tried so hard! 😦

  194. Well, we have EIGHT chihuahuas. We think our one dog picked up these mites while at the vet, having a cracked tooth removed. When he still was miserable around his face and eyes upon returning, we did not know the reason, gave him a small amount of benedryl a day, but his itching and scratching sounded like a tea kettle whistling. He was in so much pain… sad…..we felt so helpless. We would try to rub him up and that would soothe him, but we are not always around, or able to rub him constantly even if we are home. So, the teakettle pain whistles would come back…….and we had so many sleepless nights with these wonderful dogs that we consider our family. Then, another dog started rubbing himself raw, against our bed, against a chair, against one of our legs. So, then, we thought MANGE!

    After a lot of research, we think it is Demodectic Mange. Our last vet bill was over $1200, so we were not excited about taking even one dog to the vet. And, we see that even with scrapings, we will not always have a firm diagnosis. Since WE are not affected, we think we have the diagnosis right……Demodectic Mange.

    Finding this website has been amazing. Thank you all. Tonight, we trimmed the long-coats and bathed them for ten minutes of warm water lathering, and then, after rinsing, patted them down with the Borax, hydrogen peroxide, and water solution, and this is the FIRST PEACE we HAVE HAD WITH THEM IN THREE MONTHS. NONE of them are SCRATCHING at all. They are SLEEPING!

    Here’s hoping that, once again, people helping other people is better than any expert! Thanks all.

  195. Trying this on my dog now will let you know the results

  196. thought you explained it well but still, where is the link to the site?

  197. I know this post is old but I have recent experience with my dogs having mange and I want to give hope to others in the same boat. This past summer someone dropped seven (SEVEN!) Pitt Bull puppies off at my house. We found homes for them all, except one. We decided to keep him. He’s a very sweet and loving dog and fits in well with our other dogs but I wish I had never kept him because he introduced mange into our pack. After much research I’ve found out that many puppies have mange and most recover with no treatment needed. And actually, he has only required one treatment and has a beautiful, healthy coat. Some of our other dogs weren’t quite as lucky. They got the mange from the puppy. At first I didn’t know what was going on. Our dogs started losing hair rapidly and were scratching and moaning constantly. They were miserable. It was heartbreaking. I called the vet and got an estimate of up to $1200 to treat ONE dog. And we had several with the problem! There was no way we could afford that. I was desperate! So I got online and found the borax/peroxide remedy on another site. It was cheap and relatively easy so I tried it. IT WORKS! You have to be diligent but it works. My little Max (Maltese/shitzu mix) was the worst. He was completely hairless. After several treatments his hair started coming back and today his coat is full and silky again. This is not an overnight treatment. The first few times you do it you will notice the red patches look worse. This is normal. The mites will try to move onto new areas as they start dying off. Don’t panic, just keep treating every other day for the first week or so. Then twice a week for several more weeks, then once a week for a couple of months. If at any time the spots look worse, treat more often. What I did was use a good flea shampoo, rinse, then used a spray bottle to apply the borax mixture. Allow the dog to air dry. Wash the dog’s bedding in hot water every time you treat them. While you’re treating add a small amount of borax (it’s safe but if it makes you nervous use baking soda) to their water to promote their immune system. My dogs have all recovered completely except for two older dogs and they are much improved. I believe their age and health is why they haven’t completely cleared up. Now when I bathe my dogs I use the flea shampoo and before I rinse it off I pour a small amount of plain borax directly onto their coat and slightly wet it and work it into the lather. It may not do anything but make me feel better but I have only see a couple of flare ups using this method and when I did (on the butt beside the tail) I sprayed with the borax/perioxide mixture as before and cleared it right up. I swear by this method. Don’t give up hope, don’t throw your pet away because you think there’s no solution. I had to treat eight dogs for this condition. EIGHT. But I did it because they’re our family. You can do it too!

  198. I have chiwawa s how do i mix it

  199. I bath my dogs with dawn dish soap very mild, then add the borax mix over the coat if dawn. I then rub all combined for about 5 mins and then rinse. Then rinse then rinse. Then air dry. After dry I spray borax mix to damp fur everywhere. I do this method twice a week for a month. Then bath regular once a week for a few weeks. This method has cured both my dogs twice now. I use 1/4 cup peroxide to half cup of water. Then add as much borax that will dissolve. Then add it into a spray bottle. Hope this was helpful and sorry if not explained well.

  200. Why is my dog throwing up foam. She is having a real tuff time with this second treatment. I know the poroxide will foam is this just a result from her licking and should I be concerned?

    • Hydrogen Peroxide sold in the Pharmacy is 3% and you need to dilute it when using it to 1%. So I part to two parts water. If you used the 3% not diluted it is too strong for your pup.

  201. The actual recipe from Earth Clinic website called Ted’s Mange Cure calls for only three (3) heaping Tablespoons of Borax !!!!! NOT a full cup!! !
    I mix into a gallon milk jug one (1) bottle of 3% peroxide. Refill that same bottle 2 more times with warm water. Add 3 heaping tablespoons of 20 Mule Team Borax detergent booster. Shake until the Borax is dissolved. I pour or sponge it onto my freshly bathed dog and I use the little makeup sponges to gently apply around her eyes, nose and mouth. Do not get it in their eyes!!
    Please only do this 2 times a week.

  202. My chocolate lab had it bad. Vet told us that it was called the red mange, very expensive treatments they said. I ended up googling this remedy and I had everything under the kitchen sink, worked like a charm. It spread on her fast and got to her eyes, that is the only area still affected. My only question is, what will the solution do to her eyes? I’ve also heard of adding 1/8th tsp of borax to their water. Feedback is welcomed, please

  203. Not only do the hydrogen peroxide treatment. But also ad apple cider vinegar to their food. Here are the measurements by weight:

    The dose is 1 teaspoon for dogs up to 14 pounds, 2 teaspoons for dogs between 15 and 34 pounds, and 1 tablespoon for dogs between 35 and 85 pounds.

    You do this ONCE daily. So if you feed your dog more than once a day, only ad the vinegar once. Unless your dog is not wanting to eat it, then you may have to simply pour it down their throat. You should see results in 1-2 weeks.

  204. IT WORKS!!!!! Be diligent and keep with it. It will not hurt your pet in any way so dont be afraid to continue this treatment until all the itching is gone. The first week I bathed my dog twice and did the borax rinse every other day. The second week only one bath but did the borax rinse every two days. Third week I only did the rinse twice in a week because he didn’t have any smell and I knew he was clean, this saved me time and him excessive dryness. Now I am doing the rinse once a week outdoors. It only takes a few minutes and is less mess inside. Be sure to put a rich moisturizer into the skin, it does dry their skin. Don’t mistake itching from the mites from itching because of dryness due to the rinse. My collie shepherd mix only scratched in a few places after a few weeks of this so in between rinses I made a quickie mix in one cup of water and spot treated with a cotton ball to the ears, etc. I wanted to wait to post anything until I was absolutely positive this worked. IT DOES, and my boy has been taken off all prednisolone and all antihistamines for the first time in his life. It does not get any better than this. $5 for borax $1 for 3% peroxide. The amounts I used: 1/2 cup borax, 100ml peroxide and 2 1/2 gallons of water. Put it all in a bucket. I added the peroxide just before I was ready to pour the rinse on to make sure it was active.

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