6 month old Baron Munchausen and his case of Mange.

Baron the Doberman with Sir Winston aka spanky sanderson
Baron the Doberman with Sir Winston aka Spanky Sanderson

My 6 month old Doberman pup has Mange.  It has been the most difficult health issue I have ever attempted to treat in any dog I have had by far. I created this page for a 1 stop shop for info on treating your dog with mange and sharing your successes and failures so we all can be more sucessful treating our pups and we don’t have to go to 800 different sites to get a fraction of the info we need to best treat our pups.  I will be updating frequently but please do participate so keep my wheels spinning with this page!

Diet change to prevent and fight off the Mange

The day before I got my pup I went on a shopping spree.  I went to WalMart and bought a dogloo, treats, toys and food.  I picked a puppy food from IAMS due to the idea that IAMS was a premium dog food.

Don't feed your dog this!

Deceptive crap!

I had no clue, if you want the skinny go to the dogfoodproject.com.  Basically what I learned is that mass produced dog food from companies such as (IAMS, Eukanuba, Alpo, Old Roy, Purina, Science Diet) are all competing on price and marketing.  The quality is not there and even though your dog could live a long

Good Stuff!

Good Stuff!

healthy life, he wont be at his best.  These companies use a grain like corn as the primary protein source due to how cheap it is opposed to deboned meat.  These brands are not interested in your pet, just your money.  These brands use the cheapest products to meet the standards and wrap it up with crappy synthetic vitamins and put a cute dog on the label.  Do not buy a dog food from the grocery store, the worst of what brands have to offer is there.  Look for dog foods with Deboned chicken, fish, or beef as the number 1 ingredient.  Many brands use a carbohydrate as the primary ingredient


due to it being cheaper and acts a good filler.  Dogs are meat eaters by nature and even though some grains can be good a diet consisting of primarily meat, vegetables, fruits is ideal.  Additionally dogs have a much shorter digestive tract than humans their stomachs are intended to break down protiens.  Many grains put in dog foods due more harm than good.  The grains that are acceptable for a dogs diet are Barley, brown rice and oatmeal.  The new pet foods on the market iskibble with the ingredients that a dog would eat in the wild, like a wolf.  Mange can possibly develop if you dog is allergic to some grains in their diet leading to a poor immune system and stress.   Many companies (Orijen, Evo) are offering grain free diets with fruits, vegetables, potatos and tapioca as the carbohydrate sources.  You dont need to offer a grain free diet to feed your pet well, just a brand that uses quality ingredients and is AAFCO certified.  Below is a list of brands that I would proudly feed my dog.  I currently feed my Dog Orjen Puppy Large Breed grain free diet.  The food does cost about 20% more, yet your dog will eat less due to the increased amount of quality protiens/calories and he/she will be more energetic.

If you want to feed your dog the best food possible I recommend Primal Pet Foods, I supplement my dogs diet with this stuff.  Stop by the site if you would like to find out more!

Benzoyl Peroxide for treatment of Mange

I was reading around and heard that many people have successfully treated Mange with Benzoyl Peroxide.

Baron's Mangey Chin

Some people spoke of mixing an 8 oz 10% Benzoyl Peroxide with a dog shampoo and used it twice a week and other just applied the cream directly to affected areas to eliminate the mange.  The strongest % concentration that is effective is 2.5-5%, after that the product approaches the diminished level of effectiveness.  I was forced to use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide cream because I couldn’t find a smaller dosage.  The Benzoyl peroxide purportedly penetrates the skin and releases oxygen that retards bacteria and kills the mites, while cleaning out the pores.  I have become more experimental treating my Doberman due to the lack of effectiveness of Sulfur based products (see the dedicated page!), Ivermectin, Advocate/Advantage Multi all were mildly effective.  I recently have been using Borax and Hydrogen Peroxide 1% solution and it has been the most effective by far, but it has not eliminated the Mange and I believe there is a more effective topical cream out there.  I have been testing Benzoyl Peroxide by sparingly using the cream on certain areas for side effect checks.   His chin was quite swollen and slightly pus-sing and after two days of applications the affected area has become much less inflamed.  I will keep you updated but I believe I will have to recommend the use of this product at a concentration level of 2.5% to avoid any adverse reactions that I am unaware of.  It is improving his condition visually!

What causes Mange?

Demodectic Mange is passed from all mothers to their puppies during the first 2-3 days of nursing.  If a puppy is reared by a human they fail to have these mites.

Demodex (Red) Mange

Demodex (Red) Mange

Apparently after about 2 days if the pup hasn’t contracted Demodex Mites, their immune system is strong enough from preventing further infestation of the mites, as long as the immune system stays strong.  Almost all dogs have the mites on their body, if the dogs immune system is healthy the animal keeps the population of these mites in check.  When an immune system is comprimied for any reason (stress, poor diet, lack of exercise) the mites have the opportunity to proliferate.  Many experts claim that Mange Mites live off the dog in an area they frequent, clean any areas the dog frequents well to prevent infestation.  A quality Multi Vitami or food additive (MIssing Link) is suggested to help boost the immune system as well as frequent baths, exercise twice a day, clean water and enough sleep in a clean environment.  Allergies should be suspected as well, many dogs are allergic to many grains such as corn and they can lower immune strength.  When treating mange try a different brand of dog food or look for one with a single source of protein and carbohydrates to decrease the risk of any pet food allergies.  Mange can be acquired by adult dogs who’s immune system isn’t up to par but it is usually a disease found in puppy’s.

What worked for others!

[]Here is a poll for all of us to get some insight through others experiences!